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The Unsportsmanlike Conduct Show

Unsportsmanlike Conduct is a one hour online sports talk radio show that covers all walks of sport. Following in the mission of Ed The Sports Fan, Unsportsmanlike Conduct was created to serve as an audio athletic palette for connoisseurs of competition, we strive to provide original, informative, and thought-provoking content for all to consume..

Hosted By Brandon Lewis, Eddie Maisonet, and Kenny Masenda, "The Unsportsmanlike Conduct Show" airs weekly every Wednesday night at 9pm Eastern. You can listen live by going to www.blogtalkradio.com/edthesportsfan and you can call-in by dialing 347-850-1222! Join us on the air as we look back on the week in sports. As always, e-mail the show (ed@edthesportsfan.com) or tweet us at twitter.com/edthesportsfan as well.

We've had the privilege of having many great special guests on our show like All-American PG Tweety Carter, Jaguars' RB Rashad Jennings, Steelers LB Rocky Boiman, Dallas Morning News' Columnist Damon Sayles, ESPN.com Contributor James McCormick, and prominent contributors from ESPN's TrueHoop Network and SLAM Online contributors as well!

Every Wednesday Brandon Lewis, Eddie Maisonet and Kenny Masenda host "Unsportsmanlike Conduct" a weekly sportstalk radio show where those aficionados of athletic competition come together to discuss, debate...pretty much argue about the current trends in sports. Special guests and call-ins will definitely be on air.

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