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Welcome to the spot - Ed The Sports Fan

Ok, this is what happens when you are up too late and start thinking about things that you've always wanted to do. Well, I've always wanted to be able to let the nation know my viewpoints about one of the biggest loves of my life: sports. It's the ultimate reality show, where competition, drama, and total backstabbing happens after every hit, throw, shot, kick, pass, and tackle.

Let me not be rude, so I'll introduce myself to you. My name is Ed; some of you who come to read my sports monolouges know me. 24, born and raised in Oklahoma (Sooner State, so great!), now residing in sports hell...oops, I mean the Queen City, Cincinnati, Ohio. Military brat, graduate of Langston University (gotta love the HBCU's) in 2005, and contrary to popular belief, I am Black & Puerto-Rican (some folks want to dispute my hispanic heritage, but I'll save that for another time.) That's about as personal as I'll get right now. This is about my life history in dealing with sports, and how it's affected my life.

First, my affliations. My favorite teams and players: (this is important so you know when to attack my favorite teams when they aren't dealing well, I welcome it. BWAHAHAHA!!)

NBA: Indiana Pacers - Reggie Miller sucked me in from the beginning. He was an awkward-looking, light-skinned black dude, and always talking. Sounds a lot like me! Probably the fourth-most clutch NBA player of all-time (Jordan, Bird, and Jerry West), and he carried my hopes and dreams in my childhood-teenage years. Personally, I miss the Stephen Jackson, Ron Artest, Jermaine O'Neal squad. I appreciated their hood-ness. They definitely played team ball, but they needed a point guard to push them up the floor. Something that Mr. Tinsley is just incapable of doing. We'll see what happens with this current squad. They are going white-wash with Dunleavy, Foster, Murphy, Diener & Co. I don't mind as long as we start winning. Damn.

2007-08 Outlook - Gotta trade Jermaine at this point, and get Vince or Mike Miller. Start dumping some salary, so we can make a bid for a big-name free agent in 2009-10.

NFL: Jacksonville Jaguars - Been a fan since '95. I think the colors mesmerized me. Plus, we had a hometown boy play for them (James Trapp, Lawton High), and I just could never see myself being a Dallas Cowboys fan. You will realize by the nature of my blogs, I generally hate bandwagon teams (with one exception), so if your favorite team is the Yankees, Red Sox, Lakers, Patriots, Colts, Cowboys, Red Wings, USC (football), Duke & UNC(basketball), then we are gonna have problems. Its nothing personal, I just can't do it. Too easy. Anyway, valiant effort this year by Taylor, Garrard, MJD and the boys. We need some pass rushers on defense and a quality WR (Chad Johnson maybe?) on offense. We'll see how the draft treats us. Draft column coming real soon.

2008 Outlook - If we can get a legitimate WR and draft some pass-rushing defensive ends, 12-4 is not out the question. Garrard's needs some playmakers to throw to, along with Taylor and Jones-Drew.

MLB: Atlanta Braves - Okay, so this is probably the only team that would be considered a bandwagon team. I got the fanhood from my grandfather (who is simultaneously a Yankee fan, he's from the Bronx, what can I say to him?) He always supported the Braves since Hammerin Hank was there. That and TBS made me a fan since the "Last to First" Braves starting in '89.

2008 Outlook - We need one more bat in the OF (Should've resigned Andruw, but not at $18M/year.) We'll see what the new prospects look like.

College Football: Oklahoma Sooners - You see where I'm from. Just tell Bob Stoops to stop accepting bowl games at the Fiesta Bowl. They're bad luck. (USC '05, Boise State '07 & West Virginia '08) Top five recruiting class and DeMarco Murray coming back healthy. We're going to be nasty. We'll see...

Other teams/players of interest:
NHL: Philadelphia Flyers

EPL (European Soccer): Arsenal
MLS: DC United
Boxing: Miguel Cotto & Winky Wright

Overtime: Please tell me you watched the Suns vs. Lakers game this Wednesday night? If you weren't excited watching that game, then you're not a fan. As a matter of fact, go kill yourself. Shaq/Amare/Nash vs. Kobe/Pau/Odom in the West Finals HAS TO HAPPEN. A couple of points before I bounce...
  • Kobe would not let the Suns back into the game. Let's be clear: Raja Bell cannot guard Kobe. Its not happening. Ever. The person that can give Kobe the most problems is....Shawn Marion. Yeah, he's not on the Suns anymore. Now you have an answer for the variety of big men the Lakers, you have nothing for Kobe. He's the initiator of the offense, and I really do like this Suns team. They don't want to see L.A. in a seven-game series. Kobe will average 45 ppg.
  • Shaq looked good! (n/h) Diving for balls, taking out refs, almost killing his own teammate, (that knot on Raja's dome looked like Jermain Taylor's eye in the Pavlik fight) and giving Amare the ability to play PF makes this team look tough. But they are only going eight deep; wouldn't be surprised to see another small trade from Phoenix before Thursday's deadline.
  • Gasol's gonna become a star - The Suns also obviously can't guard Pau-Pau either. He even popped his jersey at 'em tonight. He must've been hiding in North Memphis learning that one; just never had a chance to pull it out. I friggin hate the Lakers, but they are going to be a real problem. They are the team to beat.

If you've read down this far, then I thank you. Feel free to comment on ideas for articles as I will be commenting on any and everything sports-related. Thanks for coming by the spot. Get at me!


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