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Even Obama's a bracket buster

Shout out to Soul On Ice for the photo. Gotta love a presidential candidate willing to take ten minutes to fill out a bracket. Maybe recognizing the fact that someone who potentially has the weight of the world on his shoulders has enough balance to enjoy more simple pleasures in life. Like MARCH MADNESS!!! Too bad there are ZERO schools in the tournament from Illinois. You think Hillary or McCain are doing brackets? Maybe...but I dunno. I've seen Obama hoop, and he does brackets. If they ever show a picture of him playing Madden...


Okay, some of you know that I'm a big Duke hater (don't hate, Duke people. I have some really good friends who went to Duke), so after seeing them ruin my bracket last night, I finally decided to put a bit of faith in them...made me remember last year's debacle.

Starting next week, we will have our guest's bloggers from all across the country giving their insights on all things sports-related. The NCAA Tournament, NBA, NFL Draft, etc.

Thank you to everyone's comments and coming by to read what I have to say. Keep e-mailing me and tell me what you'd like to hear about. Good luck on your brackets!


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