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The Ohio Player...loves the lower seed?

Its good to be #13 Western Kentucky...

#9 Texas A&M...not so much.

**Quick Note - Tuesday brings us part two of a five-day guest writers series here at Ed The Sports Fan. Today, we have the Shark, aka JAG. The graduate from "The" Ohio State University has graciously decided to bless our site with some choice words. The Buckeye dentist is an actively involved in the Cincinnati community and is always willing to engage in choice words regarding the Ohio Sports Scence (Ed's note: LeBron's going to Brooklyn, sorry...) Back to our scheduled programming.**

Eight or nine is suicide. Give me a 12 or 13 any day!

No one much is talking about this, but it seems rather obvious. A team has a much better chance of making it out of the opening weekend and into the Sweet 16 as a 12 or 13 seed instead of an 8 or 9. Because a #16 seed has never won, the winner of an 8 vs. 9 matchup is a lock to face a #1 seed in the second round. That means it's time to plan what you're going to do with the rest of your spring break, because you only have one more basketball game left!

However, if you're a 12 or 13, you have to upset a four and possibly a five to punch your Sweet 16 ticket. It's still a tough task of course, but any halfway serious observer knows that it happens a great deal more often than upsetting a #1 (okay, I don't have exact data; give me a break, I'm a dentist, not a journalist.)

The ironic thing is usually the schools from the mid-majors and smaller conferences are undervalued and get "stuck" with 12 and 13s when they deserve higher seeds. Karma has a funny way of working out, doesn't it?

If I were coaching Indiana, Arkansas, etc., I would have been badmouthing my team to try to get out of harm's way!

Take this year for instance. We have three 12, 13 bracket busters still alive (Wash. St., Villanova, and Western Kentucky.) Conversely, all eight of the 8,9 seeds have cleaned out their lockers and are trying to figure out how to catch up on their credits and be eligible to play next year.

Of course, the bad news is that all three Cinderellas have to face the music and deal with the #1 seeds in this round. Oh well. It's still better to have made it through the first two rounds and come back home as heroes for a week. I'm sure the pretty co-eds on campus will be more impressed when you say you made the Sweet 16 than, what, the thunderous thirty two? (See, they don't even give you a name until you make it to round three.)


Texas A&M gets robbed. UCLA squeaks by...again. That's some bullsh...


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