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Stephen Curry - yes, we can...

The young man put on a show against the Big Ten's best...


If you didn't see this man's performance against number three seed Wisconsin, then you missed a treat. First off, Davidson as a whole played very well. They are fearless and look like a poor man's Golden State Warriors. After watching about five games of Davidson, I quickly realized that Curry is very comparable to Monta Ellis. Maybe not as quick, but just as fearless and a more reliable three-point stroke. Someone please, please, please tell me you saw that reverse in the second half? He must've majored in English or something. Also, dating back to the '07 tournament, he's scored more than 30 in every NCAA tournament game. Check out his last four games:
  • '07 Davidson vs. Maryland - 30 points, three assists, four steals
  • '08 Davidson vs. Gonzaga - 40 points, three assists, five steals
  • '08 Davidson vs. Georgetown - 30 points, three assists, three steals
  • '08 Davidson vs. Wisconsin - 33 points, four assists, four rebounds

Folks...That's 33 and four per game. Oh, and The King was also in attendance...

So he's gotta be at least be as good as Sebastian Telfair, right?

Now as some of you may know, I picked Villanova to beat Kansas here in the Sweet 16. I know that picking them was a stretch, but I am rooting for them even more now, so at least I could feel that Davidson would have a chance to get to the Final Four. Kansas would be a major problem for Davidson, as they have the same size as Wisconsin with more talented players (no offense, KJ...okay, take some offense!) I got my fingers crossed.

Thanks again, Stephen Curry. You are holding it down for us light-skinned brothers across the nation, son!

Oh, and if you forgot who Davidson reminds you of, remember what George Mason went through two years ago. Remember, that was supposed to be one of UConn's best teams (four NBA players: Marcus Williams, Rudy Gay, Josh Boone, Hilton Armstrong.)

One shining moment...get ready, its coming.



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