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CDR = Chris Deserves Respect

CDR, come out and get your respect, bro...

Did I miss the memo?

You know, the memo that Derrick Rose is the best player on Memphis Tigers? The media has been saying that Derrick Rose is the best player on Memphis all week. Excuse me? Didn't Chris Douglas-Roberts just make first team All-America? Let's do a comparison, based on numbers:

Chris Douglas-Roberts: 18 ppg, four rpg, two apg (55% FG, 42% 3PT, 71% FT).

Derrick Rose: 15 ppg, four rpg, assists apg (48% FG, 35% 3PT, 70% FT).

Gotta go CDR, baby. D. Rose, don't let 'em do you like that!

Now I do understand that Rose has more upside, but isn't CDR (from Detroit; 313, stand up) a lock to be like Rip Hamilton, just with more athleticsm? Maybe even Caron Butler, because CDR is a great defender as well. Derrick Rose is probably more like a Baron Davis/Dwyane Wade hybrid who can go to the rack, rise, dish the ball and make players better.

But he ain't there yet, AND I might even add that Dorsey is probably the second most important player on their squad behind CDR. I'd say Rose is more x-factor than anything, as he's capable of being a solid contributor or blowing up and getting you 30 and eight.

Don't trip, Derrick Rose is the man. I'm pulling for him to go to Indiana in the '08 Draft (come on, ping pong balls!)

Be that as it may, I'm picking Memphis over UCLA. The Bruins carpet ride is coming to an end, and Walton, Jabbar, and Toby Bailey aren't walking thru those doors.

By the way, say what you want about Toby, but he was the man at UCLA...

Going back To school - when their rookie season ends, Kevin Durant and Jeff Green are going back to school. The decision to attend summer school means Durant and Green will not play with the Sonics summer league team in Orlando. -- The Seattle Times

***Ed stands up and gives a standing ovation to KD & JG. You should, too.***



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