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The Draft rant: part one

Run-DMC to the Raiders? Someone says WTF...

**By featured contributor Kenny Masenda - Check him out at www.kennymasenda.blogspot.com.

At times, I can be a very disgruntled person, especially when it comes to matters of the heart. In this case, it comes courtesy of The Oakland Raiders, and for the beginning of the end for one of my favorite players, the great Darren McFadden.

Here’s my problem with this entire process:

1. The Raiders did not need a running back. They have four already: Justin Fargas, Michael Bush, Lamont Jordan, AND Dominic Rhodes. Now don’t get it twisted, because I think he’s better than ALL of them, but I don’t see why they would get another back, unless they just wanna be able to tell everyone that they have the most running backs in the entire league.

2. They just gave Fargas a three-year extension, AND they just re-negotiated Rhodes’ contract, AND they are expecting Bush back, AND Lamont Jordan is still there, and it aint like he’s a total bum.

3. I’m a Cowboys fan, and secretly wanted Owner Jerry to trade up and get him. We did get Felix Jones at #22, but he aint no McFadden.

4. I’m telling you; as sure as these house shoes on my feet are black, we have seen the best of Darren McFadden. The Raiders plan on keeping him, and since they have no reason to trade him, keep your Arkansas Razorback tapes from last year close, because they are going to find a way to ruin him.

5. I understand getting the best player available, but I don’t know why they didn’t get Glenn Dorsey instead. They had a more immediate need at defensive line than they did at running back. I don’t know what the fuck they were thinking.

6. These fools were just talking about trading down, because they didn’t have a lot of picks (a first rounder, but then have to wait until the fourth round, pick 104), so it would have made sense to move the pick, because they need more than what the draft currently had lined up for them.

7. They were sixth in rushing last season, so that isn’t an area of need. Shit, they did this without Michael Bush, who should be completely healed from his broken leg, so once again, the idea of getting McFadden baffles the hell outta me.

I could go on and on, but the Raiders do not deserve anymore of my attention. Like I said initially, these are the thoughts of a very angry and disgruntled fan of today’s events. I hope I’m wrong, and they find a way to use him properly, but if not, today marked the beginning of the end for the best and most explosive player in the draft this year, as well one of the best in recent years. Everyone can thank the Oakland Raiders for the early demise of the great Darren McFadden.

Be easy.


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