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Ed's down for an eight count...

Let's just say Ed The Sports Fan's stunned...

Its been 24 hours since the demise of the Memphis Tigers took place by the hands of the Kansas Jayhawks in San Antonio, Texas.

I'm not over it. I'm just not. It's weird, because me and some of my frat brothers and friends were at my house watching the game, and my frat Dame hit me and said, "What's up with you saying 'we'? Is Memphis your team?"

And it hit me: I had put my heart into Memphis. As you all know, I'm from Oklahoma, and I ride or die with my Sooners or Cowboys, through thick and thin.

But damn...I bought into CDR-uh and his slasher style. I saw the potential greatness of D. Rose. I liked the versatility of Antonio Anderson. I liked the grittiness of Dorsey, Taggart, and Dozier. I liked the 300+ pound big man, Pierre Niles, who was super-tatted up with "Memphis" on his forearm.

I liked them sooooo much I totally forgot about their fatal flaw. It's kinda like some women who come into your life: smoking hot, cute face, slim waist, nice "assets," and is independent. Gotta love it...

...but she's a smoker, or is ridiculously dumb, can't cook at all, or you find out that she had an orgy with the entire basketball team (walk-ons too); you know, the type of things that could prevent you from going all the way with her.

Well, I forgot about that with Memphis, and we all saw their fatal flaw Monday night.

They can't shoot free throws when it counts. Regardless of what Rev. Calipari told us all season, when it counted, it didn't happen...

...and for that, I feel like I was at the altar waiting for my wife, and she never showed up.

Gotta get ready for the NBA Playoffs, NFL Draft, NBA Draft, The 2008 Olympics, and an intriguing MLB baseball season. I'm gonna take 48 hours and recover. Please leave some comments or e-mail me at ed@edthesportsfan.com with your thoughts about the game and other user suggestions you'd like to see for the website. Thanks.


Will the real Derrick Rose please stand up?


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