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Introducing the best #00 since The Chief...

Kenny likes Mr. Arthur - The question is: how much will UNC love him Saturday night?

**Mr. Soul On Ice, Kenny Masenda is back to grace Ed The Sports Fan with some more of his thoughts. Be sure to check him out at http://www.kennymasenda.blogspot.com/. Thanks again everyone for commenting on the site and showing love. Stay posted for more posts and news on Ed The Sports Fan. Later. -Ed.**

Well, we all know what time it is: the Final Four where, for once, all the number one seeds are in it to win it. Honestly, there may not be a "favorite," because all of the teams have a strong case to win this thing.

Some people feel its UCLA's time, and for good reason.

Some people say Memphis is due, and if anyone saw how they BLASTED the Michigan State Spartans and Texas Longhorns last weekend, its hard to argue against them.

You have North Carolina, who has been playing extremely well all tournament (and ya'll know Ed now likes Psycho-T...)

Then you have Kansas, who has gotten back to the Final Four for the first time since 2003, and if you're a "conspiracy theorist," you may believe the 20th anniversary of them winning their last national title (against Oklahoma; Ed is bashing his head against the wall, as we speak...) just may mean they are due as well. One huge factor will be the play of one of their most talented players, Darrell Arthur.

While his numbers don't scream at you like a Tyler Hansbrough, Joey Dorsey, or a Kevin Love, Arthur can be pretty effective. With strong defense, a great interior presence, and all-around solid effort, he is the complete package. He also has championship experience, having been the star of the now four-time, defending Class 4A state champion, South Oak Cliff Golden Bears in Dallas, TX. One thing you can count on is this man will not be intimidated at all by playing in front of a huge crowd. Arthur will give Hansbrough all he can handle on Saturday night, and if the Kansas Jayhawks are able to get by North Carolina, a huge part of that will be due to the play of Arthur.

He hasn't had a particularly strong tournament to this point, but when the competition reaches its peak, like it will be on Saturday night, look for #00 (Arthur, that is) to rise to the occasion and play a huge factor in the outcome of this matchup.

Be easy.

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