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Memphis v. Kansas (just as I predicted...)

X-factors: Sherron Collins & Antonio Anderson could be huge Monday Night.

Just for the record, I now think that Kevin Love is more like David West than Psycho-T. I got my big white boys that the press loves to hype confused. Also, I actually had Tennessee vs. Texas in the championship (shows what the hell Ed knows.) Seriously, this had to be the year that all those people at your job who just follow enough basketball to say, "North Carolina looks really good this year" probably won your office pool. All of us aficionados of the game would say, "I'm not picking ALL four number ones to get to the Final Four. It's happened...never." Yet, ESPN showed that over 400,000 PEOPLE picked the Final Four correctly, but out of the 400,000, ZERO picked the correct Sweet 16 and Elite Eight. You know what that means?

People guessed the pool. They went to all the favorites and picked the number ones to win. Folks who have no business winning won, because they "didn't" know the history. I'm sorry for you guys who picked Louisville, Pittsburgh, USC, and others. You see who I picked. Regardless, this is why March Madness is greeeeeaaaaat!!!

On to the analysis...

The Big Men Battle: Darrell "I'm on the brink of being the next Chris Bosh or Earl Barron" Arthur, Darnell "I'm from Oklahoma but I did the smart thing and signed with Kansas" Jackson & Sasha "I could be the next Sla-va Med-ve-den-ko" Kahn vs. Joey "Ben Wallace is my hero" Dorsey, Robert "Can I please have a double cheeseburger?" Dozier & Shawn "Thank God I transferred from Iowa State" Taggert (plus Pierre Thomas, "who ate Dozier's double cheeseburger." He gotta be 300+ lbs.)

The Battle of "I play hard when I want to, or hope this helps my draft status" Swingmen: Chris Douglas-Roberts aka "CDR-uh" vs. Brandon "Let His Adrenaline" Rush

The Chi-Town Step Out Battle: Sherron "I look like Clinton Portis" Collins vs. Derrick "Did you see Darren Collison's face when he had to guard me?" Rose...

Here's the thing with the matchup: at first glance, both teams seem evenly matched, but take a look at the potential matchups:

  • G - Russell Robinson (6'1")/Sherron Collins (5'11") vs. Derrick Rose (6'3")
  • G - Mario Chalmers (6'1") vs. Antonio Anderson (6'6")
  • G/F - Brandon Rush (6'6") vs. Chris Douglas-Roberts (6'7")
  • F - Darnell Jackson (6'8") vs. Robert Dozier (6'9")
  • F - Darrell Arthur (6'9") vs. Joey Dorsey (6'9")

The Darren Collison face...

Now...after seeing the "Darren Collison Face" on Saturday night; you know, the "Do you see me getting DESTROYED on national television by CDR-uh and D. Rose/I wanna dig a hole and bury myself?" look, who guards Derrick Rose? Chalmers, Robinson, and Collins are all way too small to guard him. Plus, Anderson (who is very underrated and will play in the NBA) will have five inches on whoever guards him, because now look...Kansas has to put their best offensive player, Brandon Rush, on CDR-uh. If you haven't noticed, Brandon isn't the biggest fan of defense. I'd say this could be an issue in the second half and the guard play will make the difference as both Kansas and Memphis' big men will cancel each other out in the end.

CDR-uh will deserve the MVP, but they'll give it to Rose, because that's how the media does it.

Turn on your Three 6 Mafia or B.B. King music...

Final Score - Memphis 85, Kansas 80

Oh, and the play of the game and momentum changer as far as I'm concerned, courtesy of my boy, Mr. CDR-uh



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