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Your Western Conference Player of the Month, but its another award we're thinking about...
By featured contributor Tyrell Wolfe - Check him out at www.myspace.com/82011286

MVP is the most valuable player in the league, not the best player. A player can be the best in the league but doesn’t add value to his or her team (sorry, Kobe.) MVP isn’t just the best player on the best team. There are too many variables that could determine the best team. One team can have a better record but play in an easier conference (sorry, KG.) Value is defined as the worth, importance, or usefulness of something to somebody (Encarta Dictionary.) That is exactly why Chris Paul (CP3) should be the MVP. If that definition doesn’t sway you, here are four reasons why CP3 should be MVP.

1. Most Valued (see definition above):

CP3 played on a team last year that played hard throughout the season and came up short of making the playoffs. He battled injury and only played in 64 games last year. Just by being on the court for 16 more games shows how valuable he is. This year, he has played in almost 80 games, and his team is one of the top teams in the West. Kobe played in 76 last year and 81 this year. KG both played in 75 last year and 70 this year. CP3 plays the most valuable position on the court, point guard, and not only does he have to set the pace for the game, but he has to set up opportunities for others and find his place to score.

2. The standings:

The Hornets are set up to finish no lower than second in the West, which is an amazing turnaround for a lottery team. Not only do they play in the better conference, but they also play in the hardest division. If you don’t think so, check the playoff teams. The Southwest division is sending four out of give teams to the playoffs (New Orleans, Dallas, Houston, San Antonio.) No other division can say that. The Lakers are in the West, but their division is only sending two teams (Lakers, Phoenix), and the Celtics are in the East; enough said.

3. The numbers (overwhelming stats):

Statistical breakdown (ranking):

Chris Paul - 21.1 ppg (21), 11.6 apg (1), 2.7 spg (1), 54 double-doubles (2), 27.8 efficiency (3), 5.8 fantasy ppg (1)

Kobe Bryant - 28.4 ppg (2), 5.4 apg (28), 1.8 spg (8), 20 double-doubles (38), 26.7 efficiency (5), 5.7 fantasy ppg (2)

Kevin Garnett - 19.0 ppg (44), 3.5 apg (68), 1.4 spg (24), 29 double-doubles (21), 25.0 efficiency (9), 4.7 fantasy ppg (19)

Stats don’t lie. CP3 is better in all the categories except one: points. For a point guard, he still scores 21 points a game. Other than scoring, he is in the top five of all these categories (all stats from NBA.com.)

New Orleans needs it.

Get your weight up, Kobe...

4. The morale argument:

Kobe plays in LA, the second-biggest market in the NBA and a historic basketball city, so he gets more publicity than most players. Kobe’s already is already a household name, so he can be easily recognized. KG is also in a very large market, who has the best history in the NBA. Chris Paul plays in isolated New Orleans with very little fanfare or publicity. Since the hurricane, New Orleans hasn’t had much to smile about, and the NBA has been committed to making it happen. Remember how the Saints 2006 season rejuvenated the city? The NBA MVP has a chance to do the same thing, if it goes to the right person. So voters, when you cast your vote, think about what it could mean to see the people of New Orleans holding signs saying CP3 for MVP.

T. Wolfe

Did you know Chris Paul also owns a Guinness World Record? Check him out...


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