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Psycho-T vs. David West..WHAT??!?

Cover boy, Psycho-T vs. Mr. Reliable, David West. Hmmm...Ed what are you thinking??

First off, congratulations to UNC, Kansas, UCLA and Memphis for making the Final Four. In lieu of the constant breakdown of the Final Four participants, I will attempt to give you bits of information that you may not know about the four teams in the tournament, and I'll give you a prediction as well; not that it'll be correct or anything...

I have been in the doghouse about UNC, because I personally felt that they were overrated (weak non-conference schedule, the ACC being down this year) and wouldn't make it this far.

Boy, was I wrong.

Well, after watching UNC a little more closely, I've come to the conclusion that Tyler Hansbrough will be a good pro. I'm not saying perennial all-star and hall-of-famer, but I had a revelation...

Tyler Hansbrough is the next David West. Go ahead, laugh away. Get it out your system.

You don't believe me? Check what ESPN Analyst Chad Ford said about David West in the '03 draft:

Ford's Take: "Not a bad pick. He's kind of a shorter version of P.J. Brown. But why not take a flier here on Brian Cook? Cook is taller, a more well-rounded player, and could help stretch defenses with his perimeter skills. West will be a solid player. But at No. 18, you could get so much more."


USA Today's Roscoe Nance: Like many power forward prospects of NBA drafts past, West is another athlete trying to shed the "undersized" label. He measures just 6-8 with shoes, a far cry from the 6-10-plus that many of the NBA's newest four-men are coming into the league at. Because West is not an outstanding athlete, it could be hard for him to compensate. That, coupled with mediocre performances in workouts this month, is a sign that he may slip in the draft.

Doesn't that sound a lot like Hansbrough and what he'll be facing?

I think Hansbrough is a better athlete than people think. He'll make up for a lot of his shortcomings with his hustle, and his jumper has come a long way from when he was a freshman. I think he's a 15 and eight kinda guy when he hits his prime; maybe more, maybe less. At best, he could evolve into a David West-type, but he'll automatically be waaaaay better than Mark Madsen.

These are just my thoughts. Don't hate me Amerikkka...


YouTube of the Day - If you haven't seen Stephen A. Smith (my guy) get heckled at the 2006-07 drafts, take a minute and enjoy it...


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