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Micah Owings = MVP?

I'm about to throw this by you, then launch this motherf....

Okay, this is obviously a bit bold, but I was reading an article recently after Arizona Diamondbacks pitcher Micah Owings came in and hit a pinch-hit HR in the sixth inning in last night's game vs. the Astros. Here are his projected stats over a 162 game season.

Projected 162 game season: 31 HR, 114 RBI, .354 AVG

That's damn good. That's all-star good. That's "If I didn't pitch and played in the field every day, I could be an MVP" good. Oh, wait; he can pitch, too. In just his second year, he's now 4-0 with a 3.48 ERA and is helping lead the Arizona Diamondbacks to the best record in the majors. The question might now be...is he the most valuable player in baseball? If he played in the American League, then there are things to consider. One, would any AL team even know if he could really hit? Two, couldn't he play DH in any game he didn't pitch? Oh my goodness, the possibilities...

We'll see. Keep it up, Micah...except against the Atlanta Braves. Hit 0-4 and give up ten runs. Thanks.


This video is not relevant to the article. I'm just a Philadelphia Flyers fan. Oh, yes; Ed is definitely a hockey fan, too; hence the name, Ed The "Sports" Fan. Yes, say the whole name, like a Tribe Called Quest (A Pimp Named Slickback reference.)

Yes, Ed The Sports Fan. Anyway, the Broad Street Bullies are coming for you. Get ready...and the Finals Prediction is Philadelphia vs. Detroit. Flyers in seven, of course.


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