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Round two: the King vs. the Big Ticket

Article provided by Kenny Masenda, check him out at kennymasenda.blogspot.com.

The Boston Celtics versus The Cleveland Cavaliers.

Honestly, this matchup isn’t the giveaway that people are making it out to be. If LeBron James gets help from his supporting cast, then this thing is going to get very interesting. It could possibly take the complete seven, IF (HUGE if) he gets help.

However, I don’t see that happening, and I think we’ll end up seeing this thing get ugly around Game Five. LeBron is about to see a defense similar to what the Spurs did to him last year, and if anyone saw the Finals last year (trust, it was hard for me to watch, too; the shit was THAT BORING), then you saw how they pretty much rendered him useless.

Now I don’t see it getting THAT BAD for him, but I see the Celtics, as a team, making it very difficult for King James to get goin’. It won’t be like the last series, where he would get a clear path, and someone put a hat on him. The Celtics won’t have to do all that. They’ll be swarming him like bees to honey, and it’ll take Wally “Sip, sippin’ on some sizzurp” Szczerbiak, as well Daniel Gibson knocking down those open threes, Joe Smith making that mid-range jumper consistently, and Big Z manning the middle for them to win this, and while it might happen, it probably won’t.

Now that we have the other stuff (round one) out of the way, it’s time to really get it poppin’.

Instead, you’ll see a more determined Boston team come out, and take care of business. They’re not gonna take Cleveland lightly; they know what the Cavs are capable of when they get momentum. Plus, I think the Atlanta series truly humbled them, so they’ll get back to playing their brand of basketball, and it’ll end up being too much for Cleveland. I see this thing going six, at the most, and it’ll only go that many, because LeBron will find a way to win at least one game by himself, and they’ll luck up and win a second. Besides that, this thing will be over. The combination of Boston’s team defense, bench play, and simply having more weapons will wear the Cavaliers down. Boston in six.

Be easy.


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