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2008 NBA Draft journal w/Ed the Sports Fan

I think I go out and party too much...gotta get some work done.

I'm going Bill Simmons this year and providing my thoughts and insights to the 2008 NBA Draft, so stay tuned for a post later tonight.

But I must say this, because it involves my favorite team, the Indiana Pacers.

**Sources told ESPN The Magazine's Ric Bucher that the Pacers and the Raptors have agreed to a deal that, pending review of medical information, would send Jermaine O'Neal to Toronto in exchange for T.J. Ford, Rasho Nesterovic and the No. 17 pick in Thursday's NBA draft.**

***scratches head***

I dunno, man. I have my glory days of the Pacers. I'm a die-hard Reggie Miller fan, and I loved the O'Neal/Artest/Stephen Jackson/Al Harrington team from a couple of years ago. That team was ready to takeover the East with grimey, hard-nosed basketball. Stephen Jackson is the MAN in G-State. Harrington's a quality role-player for the Warriors. Artest still is a top-three defender in the league who can get you 20 a night. And O'Neal, say what you want, was good for 20-9-2 a night when healthy. Now we get TJ Ford back? A low teens draft pick? I dunno...from a cost standpoint, it unlocks some of our cap room, and we'll be sitting on an extra $16 million going into '09-'10. We'll see. I'll give an update later. But what do you think? Feel free to drop a line.

Also, we are still looking for a couple of extra players in Ed The Sports Fan's first annual fantasy football league. We have five confirmed from the sports writer/blogger community, plus two more signing up this week. Hit me at ed@edthesportsfan.com if you're interested in playing this year. Easy.



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