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Anything's possible - CERTIFIED

One Man's Take by Kenny Masenda - http://www.kennymasenda.blogspot.com

Man, it’s been about three hours since the Celtics wrapped up the championship, and I can tell you that in all my years of watching NBA basketball, I have NEVER SEEN anyone team THIS LIVE, EVER. From the beginning, you could tell this team was starving for a championship. The players on the team who weren’t learned quick and got on the ball immediately. For one in particular, watching him celebrate and go ballistic was something that brought joy, happiness, and any other positively-linked emotion to ANYONE who has followed his career, and I am speaking of The Great Kevin Garnett.

See, it all goes back to the 1995 Draft, when Joe Smith, Antonio McDyess, Jerry Stackhouse, and Rasheed Wallace were picked number one through four, respectively. Then the Minnesota Timberwolves took KG at five. Later on, he signed “The Contract,” and that’s when the craziest expectations known to man were placed on him. He didn’t have the help that others had, but damn that, since he got $126 million. That’s what the haters said. When he finally did get some help, in 2003-04, that team was blown up the very next year, and even then, he didn’t complain, whine, cry, or do any of that shit: he stayed loyal to his team, and tried to make it work. People were SCREAMING for him to get traded to a contender, and when he finally was moved, and the other pieces were in put in place…it was on.

So now, after 66 wins, a Defensive Player of the Year award, and re-energizing a basketball goldmine, Kevin Garnett has FINALLY got him a championship ring. Watching him celebrate was like seein’ a family member make it. I know I wasn’t the only one; people are genuinely happy to see this man get his rang and to rightfully take his place among the greats (and his post-game interview with Michelle Tafoya was THE REALEST.) We were all goin’ crazy and screaming at the same time!

So to the realest in it: congratulations. You’re a champ, you got the ring, f*ck alllllll the haters, and from this day forward, you’re officially…CERTIFIED.

Be easy.


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