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Its time for fantasy football. Oh boy...

It is now that time of the year where we transition our minds from the greatness that was the NBA Playoffs into the dog days of summer. For Ed, that means plenty of baseball (Atlanta Braves), Euro 2008 (Netherlands), and unfortunately, NASCAR, golf (still thinking about recapping the epic '08 US Open by Tiger. We'll see...), and tennis (only wanna see Serena, if you get my drift...)

So what does this truly do? It gives us baited breath for....FOOTBALL!!!! I've been talking so much sh*t about my Oklahoma Sooners that everyone in Ohio hates me (especially Buckeyes fans!!!) College Football is going to be something serious this year, and we've got you covered. But wait, there's more!

The NFL is hitting us in September, and with by far one of the craziest, greatest Super Bowl games now in our rear-view, along with the new rookies and trades in the off-season, this will be a very, very interesting year in pro football.

With that being said, we here at Ed The Sports Fan will celebrate our first ever "Ed The Sports Fan Fantasy Football League - No Holds Barred!!!" There are only a couple of rules in our league.
  • Have Fun
  • Talk Sh*t
  • Do not be sensitive to sh*t talking
  • Be active
  • Have Fun
Oh, and no haters allowed. You think you're ready? Well, we'd like to have you. Please send us an e-mail at ed@edthesportsfan.com if you'd like to play. The draft will be in August, so you'll have plenty of time to brush-up on your mock drafts and researching the rookies. We will have a giveaway to the winner, so stay tuned. Get at me!



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