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Prayers for Ray Allen...Game Six in Boston

Article courtesy of truehoop.com, photo courtesy of yahoo.com

After an NBA Finals game, a superstar like Ray Allen will typically hear from his coach, shower, get dressed, and then run a gauntlet of post-game interviews. It could be an hour or two from the end of the game until top players head home.

But tonight, just a few minutes after the game, the Celtics' Ray Allen was tidily dressed in a suit, and on the move quickly through the crowds under the arena, towards the exit.

Just not something you often see.

I asked PR people for the NBA and the Celtics what was going on, and they held an impromptu meeting, after which no one would say anything beyond that he was dealing with a personal family matter.

Celtics Coach Doc Rivers later issued a statement: "Ray Allen was forced to leave Staples Center tonight right at the conclusion of tonight's game due to a health issue with one of his children. We ask that you please respect Ray's privacy at this time, and we'll keep you up to date as best we can moving forward."

Best thoughts to Ray Allen and his family.

The Celtics are scheduled to fly to Boston tomorrow morning. Is there any reason to worry that this could keep Ray Allen from being ready for Game 6 on Tuesday?

A source with knowledge of the situation said he doubted it.


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