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That's the Kobe I Know...Kobe the gun

As you may or may not have known, I really, REALLY, really don't like Kobe Bryant. I could go into the many reasons why I don't like him, but that's for another post. In business however, you must be able to see past that and examine what they bring to the table. For me, I was able to write the fact that Kobe deserved to win the MVP, and it was very hard for me to do.

With all that being said, as of now, the Boston Celtics are two wins away from winning the NBA championship, and I haven't seen the Lakers play that bad all season. Why are they playing that bad? Because Kobe's becoming a gunner again, and folks, that's when I love Kobe Bryant.

You see, Kobe reminds me of my friend Dave, and when Dave and I used to play each other in Madden, we both knew it was going to be a battle. We were the best at the university and generally hustled people for their money. The thing with Dave is that I knew that I could beat him if I made him one-dimensional, being that he loved to pass. For that, I'd play the "bait game," which is getting a read on the plays he picks, and when the time is right, go and make the play for an interception, leaving my boy devastated. However, when he decided to mix his pass with the run, then it was a problem, and the game would be much tougher. (Damn you Dave, you weak as hell!)

Look at Kobe. He's shot more jumpers and fadeaways than I've seen him shoot in a long time. He's gone to the free throw line just 13 times so far in the two games of the series. For comparison, Leon "The Show" Powe has gone 15 TIMES SO FAR! WTF...Kobe, are you trying to make it easy on Boston? If I was Phil Jackson, I'd pretty much tell him to drive to the rim and get to the line. Do not shoot any jumpers, unless you're wide open. Give much credit to the Cs for playing defense at a high rate, especially giving help to any penetration by the Lakers, but I've seen Kobe go through more than this.

Maybe LA just needs to go home to the Staples Center and get their hometown on, because that ish is not working in Boston. Granted, the free throw disparity is ridiculous, but at least Boston's attacking the basket. Have you seen Rondo lately? He's been trying to jam on any and everyone every time he goes to the rim (I personally appreciate it.) Don't be surprised if the game plan changes significantly in Game Three for the Lakers, as a better option to beat the bigs of Boston would be to work the two-man game with Pau and Kobe and keep your perimeter flanked with Fisher, Radmanovic (WTF does he do beside shoot 3's?), and The Choke Artist formerly known as Lamar Odom (if Lamar Odom ever got traded to your favorite team, you have permission to go kill yourself.)

Kobe the Gun is now in full effect, just like I like him. Even though I liked him more when he was unafraid to shoot those 3's when NO ONE would take a shot on the Lakers vs. Jazz in the playoffs. He wanted to contribute, not be a gun. Too bad he air-balled.

Oh, and can someone PLEASE tell Kevin Garnett to stop shooting 20-footers? Look man, I realize your 6 foot 12 and no one can block your shot, but it's still a long-ass jumper. What happened to KG getting in the paint and just muscling up? There's no one in there, KG. Pau Gasol is softer than a baby's wishes, and Odom's just waiting to choke on something. Did you see Leon Powe? Do what he did, except more often. Damn!



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