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Every man should do Las Vegas...

This past weekend, I submitted myself to what every man should do at least once in his life. Get your boys together and hit Vegas with everything you got. Trust me when I say you will be handsomely rewarded. My reason? It was my 25th birthday (I'm getting old...), and I figured this would be the greatest way to celebrate. I even got to meet one of my heroes in Miguel Cotto (even though he lost Saturday night), and he was truly a cool dude (photo above with the crew.) I didn't forget about you all though, and sports are always on my mind...okay, except maybe at 3am in VIP at the 40/40...Shoutout to Aith and her people's website http://www.poshlifeposhstyle.com/ who is currently being held hostage in Vegas. She definitely showed your boy and the crew a really good time. Shoutout to Roker at http://www.blogger.com/www.mrswagger.com, who is also known as "I can't find my cell phone..." I will give you a detailed review of my trip to Vegas and sports for the past couple of days...

Thursday Night - Poetry Night Club @ the Forum Shops at Caesar's Palace.

Andris Biedrins signs new contract for $63M for six years from Golden State. First of all, I was super excited to have just landed in Vegas at 10pm from Columbus, Ohio, ready to get off that plane and party. Now we knew that Poetry would crack (and it did), and I swear I was sitting there no more than 20 minutes and my song by The Dream, "I Love Your Girl" came on...you ALL know that is the cut! Perfect dance song with you and a female. Well, I saw my prey and pounced. Nice, firm, backside. Long, luscious hair. And she smelled good too. I gave her four minutes of my best, and she was throwing it back. She loved me. Well, when the song was over and she turned to face me, she looked like she'd been hit by a linebacker with an angry disposition. Okay, slight exaggeration, but she wasn't nearly as cute I thought she was.

Same with Biedrins. If you watch a Golden State game, you probably would think that Biedrins was a potentially great player. However, under the microsope, what you would really see is the following: 1. He's the only big man the Warriors remotely have on the squad. 2. The Warriors are the WORST shooting FG% team in the NBA; conversely, this causes more rebounds. 3. The Warriors play the second-most breakneck style of offense in the NBA (behind the Suns), and they hoist and cause more shots to be taken for everyone.

Therefore, with all that opportunity, you can be 6'11 and post averages of 10.5 points and 9.8 rebounds a game. They haven't had a good big man since vintage '94 Chris Webber. You just paid $63M for the next Jim McIlvaine. Next!

Friday Night - Jet Nightclub at The Mirage, Dwyane Wade's afterparty.

NBA Players make the exodus for Europe. So we went to the Team USA Basketball tune-up vs. Canada at the Thomas & Mack. Truly a great time we had, plus they serve cocktails on the 100 level! (I had two Grey Goose's and Red Bulls, niccccccceeeeee....), and my boy, Carmelo Anthony, killed as usual. Saw Clyde Drexler, Dominique Wilkins, Lenny Wilkens, Jamie Foxx, Ludacris, and the grand-daddies of them all...Bill Gates and Warren Buffett in the building! Needless to say, it cracked. We got the invite for the Dwyane Wade afterset, and we were there. Problem was everyone was there. Club was overly packed, we waited at least 90 minutes to get in, and it wasn't the best time. So we vacated the premises, went back to Poetry, and did a cleanup on aisle five. Way better female/male ratio, better music, and good times had by all. Bedtime 6:12am.

First Brandon Jennings, now Josh Childress and Nenad Kristic? Ben Gordon's thinking about making the move too? Oh, boy. This problem is two-fold. For one, pending Brandon Jennings success, the NBA will have the true realization that they cannot be so roguish and use the NCAA as a free minor league system, and the owners will face a true crisis on whether to overpay for role players, because the market will not allow teams to pay for their key players. The NBA is in a bit of trouble. You're gonna end up with three guys being handsomely paid (think LA, Boston, etc.), and the other nine guys playing for peanuts. You can't tell anyone not to go get that money (not even to Carlos Boozer from Cleveland to Utah, and Elton Brand from LAC to Philly.) Josh Childress wasn't going to get close to $6-10M/year in Atlanta or any other team in the league. Kristic thinks he's a top-level big man, and potentially so, but he's getting his money now. I don't blame him. What will be interesting is will the NBA be receptive of being these players back into the fold. We'll see...

Saturday Night - The 40/40 Club @ The Palozzo Hotel

Ron Artest to the Rockets, Jason Taylor to the Redskins, Mark Teixera to the Angels.
Point blank, Saturday night...me and boys we were trying to win. Yet, we really had no real plan. We went all in and decided we're gonna make it happen at the 40/40 that night. However, we were greeted with needing to be on "The List," which at the time, we weren't. There was no getting in. Desperate times calls for desperate measures...I talked to the doorman, let him know the situation (and slipped him some green,) and we got in. The night ensued perfectly, and we won the championship. Got in VIP (via our Chi-town connect,) met the right folks, and we made it happen. Great way to end the night.

In the case for Ron Artest, Houston's not waiting. They are trying to make it happen now. They know that McGrady and Yao are in the prime of their careers and yet they are both fragile, and they also are not two people who I'd call "tough." Artest changes that dynamic ten-fold. They now have three 20-point scorers and a guy who could give a damn about who Kobe Bryant is. Sure it was a risk, but so was trying to get into the 40/40. I could've gotten the heave-ho and hurled on my face. I am in full support of teams going for it and trying to win. Good luck, Rockets. Artest is my guy and he's gonna probably beat Yao up 4-5 times just for fun.

Gentlemen and ladies, you gotta live. Whatever you do, do it big. That's how I live and I love me some me! (T.O. reference.) Vegas is not for the spouse and kids. Get your people, your money, and your gumption, and go. It's definitely worth it.

Be on the lookout for our NFL pre-season articles in the coming months and the start of our first-ever ETSF Fantasy Football league. Get at me!



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