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Josh Hamilton is a beast

Josh Hamilton is a beast beyond magical proportions. A rehabbed crackhead alcoholic just shutdown the home run derby. I really don't think folks understand how amazing this dude is. He might become one of my five favorite players, for real. Ken, you better get you a jersey asap, because you gotta claim a dude like this.

Plus, what's the first thing he did after hitting those home runs last night? Thanks his Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. He's not a perfect athlete, but I appreciate his struggle and folks have to recognize what's really real and what really ain't. People make mistakes, but you've got to let people be an inspiration. Even Barry Bonds, Michael Vick, Tonya Harding, Ben Johnson, etc. Props to Josh, you just made the Ed The Sports Fan's pantheon of great players.

Oh, T-Minus 10 days to Vegas...we're gonna be CHEESING ALL THE WAY!!


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