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Monday sucks...

Man, I had a great weekend. It was jam-packed with WAY TOO MUCH going on, but I didn't forget about you all. All four of my readers (thanks, mom.) So we owe you all something, right? First off, I wanna give two middle fingers to Internet HomoThug at http://www.getlikeme.wordpress.com/ and all the great work he does over there. Great guy.

Thoughts from the weekend...

  • The Clippers will be a 4-5 seed in the 2009 NBA Playoffs (pending Elton Brand signing.) - Who saw that one coming? Brand, Baron, Kaman, Thornton, Cuttino, Tim "I Can't Feel My Face" Thomas and Company will be nice. Plus, two fresh draft picks in Eric Gordon and DeAndre "Should've stayed in school" Jordan will complement a fresh new squad.

  • C.C. Sabathia will kill in the National League. - Dude is 6'7", 250 pounds (try 280) and ready to bring it for the Milwaukee Brewers. Repping the Bay Area (Vallejo, what it is?) with the hat cocked to the side, he's gonna be ready to team up with Ben Sheets to be as potent a one-two combo at the front of the rotation since Schilling and Randy Johnson.

  • Dara Torres wins the 50-meter freestyle in swimming; sets world record at 41 years of age.. - WTF??? Why is no one making a bigger deal of this? This chick hasn't raced in six years and never has been considered the best swimmer in her generation. Then comes along and DESTROYS the world record? You better check for an adam's apple, mustache on the lip, and needle holes on her rectum, because it's not happening for her to do that. By the way, she is kinda cute, and she got two kids? Oh, boy.

  • Nadal beats Federer for Wimbledon championship.- Truly one of the greatest tennis matches I've ever seen. I've only seen about 6-7 matches all the way, but this one was worth it. Unfortunately, I owe my barber $20 because of it. Dammit Dion!

  • Ed The Sports Fan does Vegas - Ed will be in Las Vegas celebrating his 25th birthday in style, staying on the strip and kicking it something major. I will be bringing you reports from Team USA's final tuneup as they play Team Canada at the Thomas & Mack, then on Saturday will give full details from the Miguel Cotto vs. Antonio Margarito welterweight championship bout. Let's go, Cotto!



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