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Benedict Brand

Article provided by Kenny Masenda, check him out at kennymasenda.blogspot.com

Elton Brand is a disgrace to the basketball race. Thing is I don’t even hate, and never have hated, Elton Brand. Despite the fact that he is a Blue Devil, I’ve always respected his demeanor, and his play, but after this latest act, ALL that has gone out of the window.

See, in my world, LOYALTY counts for something. Granted, one of the teams in question is the Los Angeles Clippers, who aren’t exactly the definition of that, but they did everything in their power to convince Brand to stick around and try to get back to the 2006 version of the Clippers (the team that was one win away from the Western Conference Finals), but greed reared its ugly head, and Elton Brand took the bait, and for that, I can’t let him make it.

The people who defend his decision will say Philly offered more money. So what? They’ll also say Philly has a better chance of contending than the Clippers. While that MIGHT be true, I honestly don’t see them doing that much better, unless they are able to get another shooter, and if they could get Josh Smith. Only then will I buy that talk about them being a legitimate contender.

Last week, he said “It was my intention to stay” in Los Angeles, so what do the Clippers do?? They go sign BARON DAVIS!!!! If that’s not showing you they are serious about winning, then I don’t know what the hell is. I know I shouldn’t expect all athletes to keep their word, especially when people start tossing dollars in their faces, but I thought Elton Brand was different, but alas, I was wrong. He’s no different than the majority of these cats who will chase paper, as opposed to keeping their word. It’s a damn…shame. The only time it’s excusable, in my opinion, to change your mind solely because of money, is in football, because those contracts aren’t guaranteed, so you have to get all the paper you can, while you can.

As a fan of the game, and someone who takes loyalty seriously, I don’t hate Elton Brand; I just really, really, really don’t like him right now.

Be easy.


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