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Ed the Ladies Man - Dating Tips

The Life and Times of Ed, oh behave...

Trust, please believe that your man Ed has tons of versatility. What? You thought I was t-shirt and jeans? Just trolled in front of the TV and Internet and watch/read ESPN? Naw, I have more faith in you than that, you know me. If you don't, then you should...

I realize that the majority of my readers are males in the 18-45 year old demographic, but I also realize that I bring in lots of younger readers, female readers, and wily old coots as well. (thanks
Uncle Butch!) If you understand anything about Ed The Sports Fan, then understand this: ETSF is a sports AND lifestyle blog from the minds of folks who appreciate athletics and culture. Some folks ask why I don't talk more about steroids, Brett Favre, Michael Phelps, and other trivial sports news that would push my traffic needle. Well, if you wanted someone to report the latest on what's going on in the sports world, there's this website called ESPN.com and they will happily discuss the latest on why Brett Favre loves wearing his Wrangler Jeans while taking a bubble bath and doing Sudoku. You don't come here for that. You come here to relax, learn, reflect, and appreciate. That, I can provide.

Therefore, the Fall season is coming up and the weather is going to start getting cooler and cooler. Fellas, you're gonna want someone to cuddle with. Well guess what? Ladies do too! And believe it or not, in this day in age, ladies love sports too! Here's a few suggestions for you and the boo.
  1. Take her to a high school football game - If you are low on funds, taking her to a high school game shows some creativity and its refreshing from the normal movies or dinner date. Football at its rawest level is always appreciated. No glitz or glamour. Plus with all the high school kids in the stands, its a great conversation starter on your former high school days, just don't bring up that time when you got caught in the janitor's closet with Susie...

  2. Play Miniature Golf - The classic date. No physical exertion needed, plenty of time to talk, and a great opportunity to help her with her "golf stroke." Don't get too excited though, lol. Spice it up a bit and make it a competition. Loser cooks dinner. Hope you can make more than that grilled cheese and ramen you learned to make back in college.

  3. Go To a Shooting Range - CAUTION: Don't do this till at least the 3rd date, otherwise she might think you're an escaped murderer trying to prowl on young ladies. If you've made it past the 3rd date, then this can be lots of fun. Instead of shooting guns on the PlayStation, go shoot for real. Just don't let her aim for the crotch region. (Trust, she WILL aim for the crotch region.

  4. Teach her to play Madden - This is a good one for when you're snowed in. I don't know how many girls I've met in my life that wanted to play Madden just so they could play with the boys/boyfriend. Here's the thing, they probably don't want to play, but they want to spend time and be engaged with you. They see us having the best time in life (me) and they want to enjoy it too. However, if you don't have patience to really teach her the basics then don't do it. And for Godsakes don't give her the controller then blow her out by 70 points! This is one of those times that when you do score, you don't score. Get it?

  5. Play in a casual co-ed softball/flag football league - Hey, we want our ladies to be fit...and we could lose a pound or two, plus you can show her all those moves you "used to have" back in high school. Don't hype yourself up though and then strikeout in softball, be prepared to get clowned mercilessly for at least 4-6 weeks.
There are tons of ideas but I don't have that kind of time, I'm writing this while eating lunch. Gotta go back to work. If you have any other ideas then leave a comment so we can embrace cuddling when its cold in 2008. Just like Obama said, "YES WE CAN!"

This message is paid for by the Ed Needs Psychiatric Help Campaign. Thanks.



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