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HBCU's in NCAA 2009? Why not...

**Article provided by McFly @ www.mrswagger.com, go check him out and step your lifestyle up. -Ed.**

Now let me start by saying that I am not the biggest sports nut like Ed (gamertag - CoolBreeze5), but I do know sports and video games. I was playing PS3 the other day, NCAA Football (gamertag - mrjackson2002), and I noticed that none of the HBCU teams are in the game or any other game for that matter. Now I know the first thing people will say is that HBCU sports are not national-caliber or cannot compete on that level (I hate playing that game on PS3 against a made-up lower division team; give me a real team!!!)

I went to Rutgers University, and, for the last two seasons, we played Howard as our lower division game. Of course, we blew them out, but with the exception of the famous Rutgers vs. Louisville game, the Howard game is the craziest game of the year. It is the atmosphere of a HBCU on a major scale. Them sexy dancers sit in the stands and drop like it’s hot. The cheerleaders do their thing, the greeks come out in full capacity, and they let Howard do the halftime show. BANANAS!!! You see the whole stadium get crunk and this is a major white institution.

Now a company makes a HBCU football game called BCFx (Black College Football X.) It incorporates the atmosphere, the game, and most of all, the BAND! However, Microsoft won’t let them get the nod to make the game for PS3/360. It is currently a PC game and everyone knows PC sports games suck. I urge anyone to go to BCFxgame.com and look at it; it might actually be a hot game. I hope someone at Microsoft eventually gets a clue and pushes this game to existence. Till then, I will play with my beloved RU.

And to the people that think that a HBCU can’t compete, y'all might want to look at Mississippi Valley State University.

You might notice that guy wearing 88 looks a lot like Jerry Rice!!!



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