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Sports topics that make Ed the Sports Fan mad...

I'm really just not a fan of Brett Favre. You might've noticed by now that I haven't done any coverage on #4, and aside from this chart showing my sports emotions, I won't. #4 (not calling him by his name, or I will go and dig a hole) is one of the greatest QB's of all-time.

However, if you tell people you're retired, let your "former" team make plans without you, take TWO QBs (Brian Brohm, Matt Flynn) in the '08 NFL Draft, change the offensive scheme around Aaron Rodgers, make marketing and media decisions for their '08 season, then come back in July right before training camp and EVERY DECISION IS MADE and tell your former employer that "you want to be the starting QB for the Green Bay Packers" in 2008? That's absurd. I am not mad at Green Bay. I think that you can't leave people on a cliff and not expect someone to either jump or back the hell up.

#4 is still a great QB, and it will be weird to see him in a Jets uniform. Had he made a decision in March, or May even, this would've never happened. Why wait till July knowing the stresses this would put on everyone? Good luck to the Jets, and good luck to #4, because Green Bay has none left.

2008 Lead Pipe Lock Prediction
Green Bay Packers: 8-8
New York Jets: 8-8


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