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Thoughts for Tuesday: Football, Vegas, Teeth, Olympics...

Damn, I miss Vegas...

Focus. Ok, I gotta admit. The Olympics has worn me out to a degree. Ok, I lied. I'm worn out with the Michael Phelps coverage. Can the dude get some work done on those TEETH???!?! Look, I'm just saying its a distraction when I see him on television ALL THE TIME. Those 237 gold medals are going to put a lot of people to bed when he breaks his neck trying to put them all on at once. However, let me settle this whole debate about Phelps being the greatest Olympian right now. He is one of the greatest Olympians and athletes of all-time. BUT, he's not the best Olympian of all-time. That honor would go to the "flamboyant" Carl Lewis. Why? 4 Golds (100, 200, 4x100, and Long Jump) in the '84 Olympics in L.A., 2 Golds (100, Long Jump) and 1 Silver in the '88 Olympics in Seoul, 2 Golds (4x100, Long Jump) in the '92 Olympics in Barcelona, and Gold (Long Jump) in the '96 Olympics in Atlanta. Folks, that's 12 years! He won that last gold at 35! That totals 9 Golds, and 1 Silver. Truly dominant over 12 years, amazing. I would consider Phelps feat in the last 2 Olympics more dominant, but for longevity, variety, and true athleticism...my vote goes to Lewis.

Why is Carl Lewis "flamboyant"? Well...along with singing the worst national anthem of all-time, he also decided to make this music video:

Ok, so I watched 2 preseason football games this week and felt like the horizon was filled with greatness. Because everyone's psyched about football right? I mean between Ed playing in a Fall flag football league, playing in like 4 fantasy football leagues, playing Madden and NCAA '09 on the PS3 (gamertag - coolbreeze5), and the ACTUAL college football and NFL season coming up, I'm hella juiced. (Am I doing too much? Oh well...)

Finally, I am sick and tired of this recent media story about American athletes being "traitors" by playing for other countries. Becky Hammon & J.R. Holden playing for Russia, and Chris Kaman playing for Germany. Let's start on Kaman. He's got ties to Germany via ancestry, and he would NEVER get the chance to play on the USA team in his life. Remember the Olympics are every FOUR years! Why not go play for Germany? This is a non-issue. Ok? What about Hammon and Holden? J.R. Holden first. If you don't know about J.R. Holden then lets backtrack. Former hoopstar from Bucknell, got some cups of coffee at some pro teams but never made a team. Went overseas to play in Russia and is now a Russian citizen and one of the best players in their league. So he shouldn't play? Of course he should.

Now Becky Hammon...Becky Hammon, from Rapid City, S.D. (right next to Mt. Rushmore), was named South Dakota Miss Basketball in high school, got her jersey retired at Colorado State University, and has been a cornerstone player for the WNBA (all-star and MVP candidate). In her free time she plays overseas in Russia, where she makes SIX TIMES her contract for the WNBA. (Take your current hourly/salary wage and multiply it by 6. Oh behave...) She's always dreamed of playing for Team USA and in the Olympics but to no avail. Alas, Russia needed a point guard and since she plays in Russia and lives there occasionally, she was invited onto the team. She accepted. She gets the once in a lifetime opportunity to play in the Olympics and play against the best in the world, including Team USA! Now, I can see a problem if she wanted to play for Iraq, but Russia and the USA are not in the Cold War anymore. Get over it. What I do have a problem with, is that the IOC (Int'l Olympic Committee) can allow someone who doesn't have Russian heritage or is a citizen of that country. (Hammon's citizenship was given in Russia in 2008) That's ridiculous. Put a 1-2 year due date on citizenship, then case closed. Let her be and leave her alone, plus she's cute dammit!

Bet you didn't know that America's Golden Girl, Nastia Liukin, is from RUSSIA!!! Her name is Anastasia "Nastia" Valeryevna Liukin, or in Russian: Анастасия "Настя" Валерьевна Люкина. But she's a red-blooded American girl? No mention of that! Team USA's coaches are a Chinese man and a Romanian woman. Get real. What about Herb Brooks, yeah THAT Herb Brooks who coached the 1980 USA Hockey Team. (DO YOU BELIEVE IN MIRACLES?) Well, did you know he coached the French Hockey Team in 1998? Of course not. Smarten up world, Becky go get your money. IOC change your rules so this can't happen within reason.



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