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The Top 10 QB's in the NFL

**This article is provided by featured writer Kenny Masenda, note that this DOES NOT reflect the opinion of Ed The Sports one bit. Because...well, I think I know everything. Let the debate begin folks. -Ed.**

10. Eli Manning – he played a huge role in helping the Giants beat the Patriots, and pretty much did his thing, throughout the playoffs. He really did get hot at the right time. Even with that, I think this is the best spot for him to be (for now).

9. Derek Anderson – had a breakout season last year. He’s only gonna get better. Brady Quinn may as well start looking for work elsewhere, or get warm on that bench.

8. Philip Rivers – I was extremely critical of him, but he showed what he was made of in the playoffs last season. He could easily be quarterbacking this team to Tampa next year.

7. Donovan McNabb – ask anyone who knows me; any other year, he would be WAY HIGHER on my list. As long as he is runnin’ the show in Philadelphia, they’ll always have a chance to make noise, and this is coming from a HUGE Dallas Cowboys fan.

6. Tony Romo – his early dominance cannot be slept on; last year’s early disaster aside, he’ll lead the Cowboys as the NFC rep for the Super Bowl this year, I GUARANTEE IT. (-Ed's note...let's give it up for the weeping willow Terrell Owens!!!)

5. Drew Brees – could probably be higher on this list, because he’s that real. Hopefully, New Orleans can bounce back this season, so everyone will get a reminder of how nice Drew Brees’ game really is.

4. Ben Roethlisberger – of all the quarterbacks, he can make a case for being the most valuable one to his team; 15-1 as a rookie, and a Super Bowl victory as a 2nd-year starter. Oh, and he was picked AFTER Eli and Philip Rivers, in the SAME DRAFT.

3. Carson Palmer – in terms of being a pure quarterback, Carson Palmer can make a case for being right up there with Peyton and Brady; it may seem outlandish, but for people who watch football, they’ll understand why I have him this high.

2. Peyton Manning – if there was ever a thing such as 1 and 1A, then it would apply here, but since there isn’t, number two goes to Peyton.

1. Tom Brady – no explanation needed.

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