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Usain The Great

**This article is provided by featured writer Kenny Masenda, we will begin our football coverage next week so stay tuned!**

I know Ed JUST wrote a story about Usain Bolt, but that was when he broke the 100-meter world record. Honestly, after seeing his prelims, I knew that record was in trouble (he JOGGED a 9.92 and a 9.85, respectively), so when he ran that 9.69, WITH EASE, it didn’t shock me, as much as it just let me know the rest of the world has some serious catching up to do. I don’t know if the rest of the field should be ashamed, or be happy that they were able to be a part of something this HISTORIC. However, after seeing what I saw on Wednesday August 20, 2008, from this day forth, I’m declaring this day…Usain Bolt Day. As a matter of fact, every August 20 will be observed, in remembrance of the day that The Great Michael Johnson’s 200-meter world record was broken.

Ato Bolden (4-time medalist, Olympic sprinter from Trinidad, and co-commentator during the historic performance) said “the world record that I thought would be the record at 200-meters until the day I DIED is gone.” Trust, he’s far from the only one. There are some things that I thought I’d never see in sports again (someone scoring 100 points in a game, someone batting .400 in a season again, and someone breaking this world record). Even Michael Johnson, the previous record-holder (damn, it just sounds crazy saying that) said this in an article from The Daily Telegraph:

"Bolt doesn't have a natural ability to run the curve as well as I think is required to clock 19.32 at this point. And I doubt if the emphasis in his training has been on speed endurance, since it was clear on Saturday that his focus has been on improving his 100m technique. So, for now at least, the record is safe. But only for now."

Well, I think it’s safe to say he ain't no soothsayer, but everyone else in the world was wrong too. Everyone was wrong, except for Usain Bolt; the world-record-breaking double medalist of the 2008 Beijing Olympics Games, and now the owner of the most dominating track and field performance the world has EVER seen.

Be easy.


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