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Who's the best RB in college football?

I pose this question for you, my readers: who is the best running back in college football? I mean, you knew this was coming, right? It's August, it's a crappy day outside here in Cincinnati, and that just lets me know that the weather is about to cool just a bit, and the leaves will change colors, and I get to see my Oklahoma Sooners GO DUMB on everyone this year. Oh boy.

Anyway, I have been pushed by my boy Ken to do this, so I shall. Here's my top ten, and yes...arguing and debate is allowed. Thanks.

#10. Marlon Lucky, Nebraska - Craig, you're welcome, buddy. Are there any Cornhusker fans left? You all were deep when Eric Crouch (I hated him so badly) was tearing up the Big 12. Be "Lucky" you got #5 in your backfield. If not for a pair of backs in Norman, he'd be the best in the Big 12 conference. Mizzou and Kansas better watch out.

#9. James Davis, Clemson - Sadly, the second best running back in the ACC is also the second best running back on his own team; just barely, though. Davis is the Thunder in the Thunder and Lightning (CJ Spiller, #7.) "Thunder" brings it on every snap. At 5'11", 210 pounds, he's a stout, straight-line runner with a mean disposition. Clemson, this is supposed to be your year AGAIN!

#8. PJ Hill, Wisconsin - This must be Ron Dayne's little brother, right? PJ's a load (5'11", 240) and no fun whatsoever to bring down. He's got quick feet and a nose for the end zone, something Ohio State better take notice of real quick when playing the Badgers in 2008.

#7. CJ Spiller, Clemson - Lightning strikes in South Carolina, Spiller style. Armed with a 4.3 40-time and game-breaking vision in the open field, Spiller has the chance to be something special.

#6. Joe McKnight, USC - The wonder kid from Louisiana will get the #1 carries this year in L.A. and he's primed and ready to make major moves in his sophomore season (honorable mention to Stefan Johnson at USC; if he was the #1 back, I'd have him in the top ten, too.) Joey Mac will also be handing return duties again, giving USC weapons on all phases of football. Look out for #4 Ohio State. Laurinitis...I'm talking to you.

#5. Noel Devine, West Virginia - If you're the godson of Deion Sanders, then you've automatically quadrupled the opportunity of being in my top ten list. Fortunately for my list, and the Mountaineers, he's got some of Deion's speed too (by the way, leave Rich Rodriguez alone. Get the money and go away. I don't care about how he left; just know that you weren't paying enough and he took the school as far as he could. Period. Be grateful, because when Pat White and Devine leave...good luck.)

#4. Lesean McCoy, Pittsburgh - Probably the most slept on tailback this year. McCoy is NFL ready right now. At 5'11", 210, he's the perfect size for your backfield and has great burst (nh) and vision. Ask West Virginia about him, as he single-handedly ruined the Mountaineers national title hopes. Expect big things out of #25 in '08.

#3. Demarco Murray, Oklahoma - If Murray stays healthy last season, he would be getting even more fanfare than he already is. But people know about #7, and he's coming back ready to take over the Big 12. With return duties, and an ability to take it 80 in an instant, Norman might have its next great back.

#2. Chris "Beanie" Wells, Ohio State - My dentist is going to hate me for this, because the consensus is that Chris is the #1 back in the nation. Maybe so. With his measurables (6'1", 237), he's a beast, simple and plain. He's got a great eye for the cutback lane, and, as evidence against LSU, he's got great speed for a big guy, and he comes to play in the biggest games. A tougher schedule should make it fun for Wells and the Buckeyes as they face a tough test against USC coming up in September. It'll probably will be the game of the year.

#1. Knowshon Moreno, Georgia - For the ultimate playmaker, Mr. Know-It-All is your guy. With the ability to catch the ball out of the backfield, run it between the tackles, and cut it outside, he's a real problem. Ask Florida about him, as he went for 188 yards and three TD's as Georgia went on to win the World's Largest Cocktail Party in style. Tough sledding in '08 for Moreno and the dogs, but if they can get through their schedule with one loss, then they are a GUARANTEE for a spot at the national championship.

Let the debate begin. All the USC fans will protest. All of Buckeye nation will hang me for Beanie at #2. I probably am a homer for Demarco at #3, but you know what? That's my list (and it's my site), and it's final. However, we want to hear your thoughts. Where did I mess up? Did I forget someone? Check the honorable mentions as well. Later folks, I'm headed to Chicago.

Honorable Mention - Ian Johnson (Boise State), Evan Royster (Penn State), Graig Cooper (Miami), Stefan Johnson (USC), Damion Fletcher (So. Miss), Eugene Jarvis (Kent State), Rodney Ferguson (New Mexico), Mike Goodson (Texas A&M), Harvey Unga (BYU), Kordell Young (Rutgers)



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