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Collision at the Coliseum - USC v. Ohio State

USC vs. Ohio State...oh boy.

This game has been talked about since LAST YEAR. National title implications are at stake and the 2 teams are coming off totally different types of momentum from their last game.

USC destroyed Virginia, who was a bowl team last year, 52-7 two weeks ago. Seven different Trojans scored TDs. Ohio State squeaked (should've lost) by Ohio University 26-14. Frankly, Ohio State looked ridiculous against a mid-level mid-major MAC squad. Now, #5 Ohio State is gearing up for that cross-country expedition to the Sunshine State where in LA the USC Trojans await. Who'll win in The Collision at the Coliseum?

(wait for it)

(Wait For It)


USC wins 34-27...

But I'm going for Ohio State.

Huh? Yeah...I even have an old Santonio Holmes jersey my boy A. Jones left at the crib couple of years back. I'm gonna wear that #4 Ohio State jersey tomorrow and root for THE Ohio State University. The fact is this, I've learned over the years that when the large majority is going one direction, lean the other way. (i.e. Giants def. Patriots 17-14) My buddy JAG, who is a great dentist by the way
(www.docglenn.com) did give some good insight about last week's near debacle against Ohio..."Tressel knew that Pete and his coaching staff had the week off and would be watching the Buckeye game very intensely. We, I mean they, kept everything vanilla with hardly any blitzes or unusual formations. That's why you didn't see T. Pryor and Wells was kept under wraps." By the way, he's a 2-time, 2-time graduate of The Ohio State University. Bet you couldn't tell huh?

Why then go for USC? Logically speaking, they are fully healthy now that Mark "Dirty" Sanchez is fully recovered from his kneecap injury. Their back 7 is ridiculous and they have as equally a strong of a running game at Ohio State. Their receivers are decent, not like they've had in years past, but still get it done. My concern with USC is their frontlines, they've lost a ton of offensive & defensive lineman in the last two years and that probably is Ohio State's best point of attack. Chris "Beenie" Wells is still hurting from his foot injury after he worked out on it on Wednesday, either Jim Tressel's pulling a Belichek move and keeping it on the low or Wells isn't 100%. We'll see...

Oh and Todd Boeckman, I'm talking to you...don't do what this UCLA QB did...

So, who's your pick of the national championship game? Oklahoma vs. ????????? You know, I still haven't figured out who the Sooners could play in the championship. Oklahoma has 4 tough games this season, Texas, Texas Tech, in-state rival Oklahoma State (look out for Dez Bryant) and the Big 12 Championship game probably versus Missouri. But Oklahoma will be favored in every single one of those games, so I'm doing my best to temper the expectations of getting to the Orange Bowl in Miami this year.

**ASIDE - Praise God the national championship is not in Arizona for the Fiesta Bowl. That God forsaken place has been the annihilation of Oklahoma in the last 5 years. Oklahoma got blown out by USC 55-19 in the national championship. Lost to Boise 42-41 (will anyone remember Oklahoma had a gimpy Adrian Peterson, WR
turned starting QB Paul Thompson, and #1 receiver Malcolm Kelly was out for the game in the first quarter, yet no one remembers this...), then OU got shellacked by West Virginia. Can we just stop playing there all together. If Oklahoma gets a bid to play in that games, they should just 'relieve themselves' on it and tell the committee to kick rocks. END ASIDE**

So...I'm going to go out on a limb and predict the national championship I'd love to see. Oklahoma vs. Ohio State. My home state for 23.5 years vs. the state I currently reside. It would be the greatest time in my life, unless Oklahoma lost, then it'd be the worst time in my life. But you just picked USC....so what? Ohio State will figure it out, maybe...

What do you all think? Leave us a comment and give us your prediction at Ed The Sports Fan.


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