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Ed The Sports Fan Interview on UrbEvents.com

**Interview of Ed The Sports Fan - Taken from UrbEvents.com**
By Seattle Slim for Urbevents
Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Seattle Slim (SS) - When did you start your blog, and what inspired you to get into sports blogging?

Ed The Sports Fan (ETSF) - EdTheSportsFan.com was created in February of 2008 while I was at a crossroads in my life: I decided to make a major career move, to move from out the suburbs to downtown, and really refocus what I was doing with my life. ETSF was born because sports are something I truly love, and it just seemed like the right thing to do.

SS - Which athletes are your favorites?

ETSF - Donovan McNabb, he’s been probably my favorite athlete since he was at Syracuse. Chad “Ocho Cinco” Johnson, former Langston University football player and by far the most fun-having athlete maybe ever. Manny Ramirez is just the homie, gotta love a dude that wears his uniform 2 sizes too big, takes cell phone calls during games, has the grimiest dreads to ever spawn out of a helmet, yet is one of the greatest hitters in my generation. That’s my guy.

SS - Which ones do you love to hate?

ETSF - Kobe Bryant, without a doubt. He played Shaq on so many levels, tried to rap, changed his number to #24 so his number could be one higher than Jordan’s, was ridiculously cocky and mimicked every Jordan move. Just never set well with me. However, I’m not a hater, dude is still ridiculous.

SS - Who do you wish would just go away?

ETSF - Originally, I would’ve said Brett Favre because the media is kinda ridiculous with uber-attention for their stories. Last month I would’ve said Michael Phelps, but the reality is that they both are superstars and are performing at high levels. Someone who’s not performing on a high level....probably Shaquille O’Neal. That’s my homie, even when he played for the Lakers (I hate the Lakers) because dude is just real cool. Can’t hate on a dude that breakdances, wants to be a cop, and had his own video-game. “Hey Kobe, tell me how my a** taste!?!?”

SS - How did promoting your site go for you? How did you do promote it?

ETSF - My promotion went as far as emailing my core group of family and friends. I will tell you something; the best people who can promote for you are people that really care about who you are and/or what you do. After that I did some additional posting on Facebook and Myspace, and that helped give me broader appeal. I must be doing something right, just last month Ed The Sports Fan was honored by the Black Weblog Awards for Best Sports/Recreational Blog in 2008, so its really been a blessing thus far.

SS - What are some of your favorite sports oriented news stories of the year so far?

ETSF - Without a doubt Usain Bolt at the Olympics. People aren’t supposed to do what he did last month and he’s only 22! He could easily come back in 2012 in London and wreck shop again. Other than that, people would be surprised the amount of sports I keep up with. It’s easy to keep up with the big 3 (baseball, basketball, football) but I’m a huge European Soccer Fan (Go Arsenal!) a huge boxing fan, and even an avid hockey fan. I am Mr. Versatility. (lol)

SS - Are there any perks to writing a sports blog?

ETSF - Evidently, there are possibilities to make money in blogging, but that’s not really a goal of mine as of now. (But ETSF does like making money, advertising is welcome!) I have been afforded some perks occasionally (tickets, insider information, etc.) but as of now everyone just wants me to be in their Fantasy Football league. I think they feel like if they beat me they’re validated! (lol)

SS - Does writing your blog become overwhelming?

ETSF - Nope, I don’t allow it to. I have a full-time job from 8 to 5.

SS - How do you figure out which stories to write about?

ETSF - I usually just write when I feel compelled, that’s about every 2-3 days. I’ve seen some of my peers that blog 2-3 times a day and it baffles me, I’d rather put a couple of quality articles up and let people mull them over vs. regurgitating national stories, random youtube clips, and reckless banter for people to read. Eddie Maisonet is Ed The Sports Fan; I don’t try to disconnect the two. So it is a real reflection of not only who I am but how I see things.

SS - What's in store for your blog, Ed The Sports Fan?

ETSF - In the next 6 months I’d like to include a bi-weekly podcast and let folks see the face of Ed The Sports Fan, the revolution might be televised for real! I’m thinking about overhauling the look of ETSF and make it more of an online editorial blogzine (just made that up) to give a different feel for the readers. Get at me!



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