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Felix Jones - Scariest Man in the NFL

Now, everyone from Mr. Swagger, to Soul On Ice, to every one of my friends in Oklahoma, Craig and 'em, EVERYBOY knows that I have a sincere dislike and hatred, for the Dallas Cowboys. I mean, I really don't like them. Why? I think because everyone I know loves Dallas. Get off they jock, Ed The Sports Fan thinks. However, I'm not a hater. There's a difference. I recognize the fact that Dallas is very, very good. So when I was watching the Packers vs. Eagles game, and I saw Felix Jones come into the game, I just kept thinking..."Felix is raw as hell, he's gonna score." What did he do the next play?


For the record, dude scored on his very first NFL carry, an 11-yard touchdown against Cleveland. Jones took it 98 yards on a kick return in what might've won the game for Dallas against Philly. Dude took it 60 on 2 very nice cuts against The Pack (check the 2nd cut, while very subtle, sprung him outside and took it to the house) What I'm saying is, that everytime this dude touches the rock, I'm sitting there like, "Oh f*ck...", with no hopes or dreams left in my body. He's from Oklahoma too? (Booker T. Washington, Tulsa) Plus the dude has the Greg Oden syndrome, looking twice your age as a rookie. Dude looks like someone's Uncle Willie that shoots dice on the street with a cigarette hanging on the corner of his lip. With him and Marion Barber back there, Dallas has a backfield for the ages potentially. Very scary indeed.

Am I the only one who feels this way? Here are a couple of other people that scare the crap out of me...

Darren Sproles - RB, San Diego Chargers: Ever since he destroyed Oklahoma in the Big 12 Championship back in 2003 (235 yards on Oklahoma) I've been scared straight on Darren Sproles. I swear he looks like he's going 80 when he gets the rock. I honestly believe IF LaDainian Tomlinson misses some games they don't skip a beat. Which is why they didn't mind losing Michael "The Burner" Turner to Atlanta last season.

Eddie Royal - WR, Denver Broncos & Desean Jackson - WR, Philadelphia Eagles: I dunno, they seem to move really, really, fast. Deangelo Hall, who supposedly runs a 4.21 40 time, got destroyed by Eddie Royal. Sad thing is, they're both Virginia Tech alums. As for Mr. Jackson, if he would just take the ball with him into the endzone, he might do something with his life. They are major threats to score anytime they get the rock.

Am I forgetting someone? I picked some players who aren't the obvious choices. If you can think of someone then let us know via comment or at ed@edthesportsfan.com. Easy.



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