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The Heisman Watch...

The Heisman Watch, brought to you by madeupmonkeysh!t.com, we’re about a month into the season, or 1/3 of the way through, and I have a strong suspicion that this list will look totally different in 2 1/2 months. Regardless, here’s how our ballot looks today:

1. Chase Daniel, Missouri - Through four games, his numbers have been unreal(75 percent, 1,412 yards, 12 TDs and one int). If Mizzou's defense ever steps up like the offense, its going to be a problem. First road test against Nebraska this week.

2. Sam Bradford, Oklahoma - If I was a homer, Slinging Sammy Bradford would be #1 on this list. He's the most pivotal player on the best offense in the country. Completing 72 percent of his passes, 1,293 yards with 16 TDs and just two picks.

3. Max Hall, BYU - Not nearly as heralded as the top two guys, but his stats (74 percent, 1,284 yards, 15 TDs, two ints) are equally impressive, and through four games, he’s faced opponents on the level of what Bradford and Daniel have carved up. Other than TCU and Utah, the schedule is favorable, and if he’s unbeaten by Thanksgiving, how can you not seriously consider him?

4. Javon Ringer, Michigan State - Five games, 847 yards rushing, 12 TDs, good for second in the country. My girl Mel would be proud of me including him. He could easily top 2,000 yards with the heavy run focus of Coach Mark D'Antonio. But the schedule gets considerably more difficult and we find it hard to believe he’ll keep this blistering pace up.

5. Daryll Clark, Penn State - Quietly proving that he may be the best mobile quarterback in the Big 10. 12 total TD's (9 passing, 3 running) and big wins over Oregon State and Illinois have catapulted Clark into the national scene.

On The Cusp: South Florida QB Matt Grothe has emerged as the best player in the Big East over Pat White, with over 1100 yards & 8 TD's passing along with 200 rushing yards, he'll be top 5 bound soon enough.

What the hell happened to …

Tim Tebow? Well, his passing and rush stats are down significantly from last year. It is as if Urban Meyer is saving Tebow by having him run less (125 rushing yards through four games this year; 358 last year). With the schedule though, he can easily make up serious ground.

Mark Sanchez? John David Booty syndrome. So if you’re the USC QB, somehow you automatically get put on these lists? Massive uphill climb just to get into contention, and with the RBs on that team, we can’t see him putting up the stats to pull it off.

Knowshon Moreno? Five games, and he’s only gone over 100 twice. Big fan, but with just 489 yards, he’s got a little more than half of what Ringer does.

Matthew Stafford? Sorry, still haven’t seen the greatness that Mel Kiper has. For unexplainable reasons, he reminds us of Rex Grossman during his days in Florida. Also, he’ll split votes with Moreno.

Pat White? Too many losses, too many errant passes. Better start learning to run post patterns and out routes #5...

Michael Crabtree? Little doubt that he’s the best WR in the country, and his stats are nice (457 yards, six TDs), but he’s got to be producing eye-popping numbers to be in serious contention, and against garbage competition, he hasn’t done so. Yet.

Is my Top 5 wrong? Who am I missing, let us know you rat bastards...


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