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Is This Not Why You Are Here? Week 2 in the NFL

**This article is provided by featured writer Kenny Masenda**

Well, as week two comes to a close, we’ve been treated to some good matchups, great individual efforts, controversial calls, the re-emergence of dominant players, and even the fall from grace of others. In my recap, all will be covered, some more than others.

Arguably, the two best games this season have been Chargers-Broncos, and Eagles-Cowboys. Both were offensive shoot-outs, with a glimpse of defense here and there, but for the most part, the scorekeepers kept busy. Philip Rivers did his thing for the Chargers, and Jay Cutler, who I’ve admittedly slept on, led his team down the field, time after time, and in the end, they put San Diego away, thanks to a controversial call by my favorite referee in professional sports, Ed Hoculi, aka Welcome to the Gun Show. Personally, I always thought instant replay was put into the league to lessen the possibility for human error, and to get the call right. I heard Hoculi’s tired excuse, and I don’t blame Norv Turner for being pissed off, because that play pretty much cost them the game. Now, I know people will say “they still had a change to stop them,” but damn all that. Still, the Broncos prevailed, and San Diego’s gotta find a way to get out of this hole they’re currently in.

The other monster match-up was this past Monday, when the Eagles took on the Cowboys. Now anyone who knows me knows I LOVE the Dallas Cowboys, but they will also tell you my favorite player of all-time, The Great Donovan McNabb resides in Philly, so this match-up always creates a conflict-of-interest. I won’t go too deep into my admiration of McNabb, or my love for the Cowboys at this time; I will simply say it was a terrific game, that went down to the wire, and we prevailed in the end. I will say this: Philly fans are off-the-chain. They’re a little crazy, but they are LOYAL. There were so many in Texas Stadium on Monday that it was hard to tell if it was really a home game or not. Nonetheless, my boys are 2-0.

Like I said earlier, Jay Cutler did his thing, as did Brandon "18 catches" Marshall. I know it wasn’t the record, but anyone who catches 18 balls against THIS SECONDARY is a monster, so I’m going to refer to Marshall as "18 catches" until further notice. Other folks making an early mark include Terrell "Eldorado" Owens (I refuse to refer to him by his nickname; I don’t care if he plays for my favorite team or not), who has three TD catches in his first two games. Adrian Peterson, Fast Willie (243 yards in his first two games), and The Explosive Darren McFadden are all in the top five for rushing this season. I also have to give props to Anquan Boldin who, even though he’s hot about not getting his money over the off-season, is performing at a high level right now, for the division-leading (my preseason pick to win that weak-ass division) Arizona Cardinals.

For the fall from grace section, it isn’t so much what his team is doing in real-life, as it’s what his garbage-ass play is doing to my fantasy team. This is to Carson Palmer, the quarterback who I went on record as saying is the third-best QB in football right now. I lost to J. Wiggins, A PHOTOGRAPHER, because you stunk it up in week one. Last week, you were benched, because I couldn’t afford to go 0-2, and seeing as how the Bengals are playing the Giants this week, you’ll probably be on the bench again. It’s already bad enough that I have to continuously defend putting you where I did on my QB list, but THIS?!?! Just…get it together, homie, and quick.

Be easy.


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