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Upset Special...

#1. USC loses to OREGON STATE? WTF...

#3. Georgia loses to #8 Alabama? Power Shift in the SEC...

#4. Florida loses to OLE MISS? WTF...

But wait, that's not all...

#9. Wisconsin loses to Michigan? Maybe the tide is turning in Ann Arbor...

#16. Wake Forest loses to NAVY? Their ship has sailed...

#20. Clemson loses to Maryland? The ACC is overrated...

#23. East Carolina loses to HOUSTON? Weren't you supposed to be the next Boise State?

In all nine ranked teams lost, seven of which were underdogs, six were unranked! Five of the teams lost AT HOME! Thank God my Sooners remained unscathed. This goes to show you that anyone is capable of taking that L this season in college football. From ESPN's latest poll, here are the rankings:

#1. Oklahoma
#2. Alabama
#3. LSU
#4. Missouri
#5. Texas

Welcome to the party Big 12, with the SEC joining as well. The Big 12 has 4 of the top 7 teams in the nation, with Texas Tech coming in at #7. Lets look at the other conferences stack up and their highest representative...

Big 12 - 6 in Top 25, Oklahoma #1
SEC - 6 in Top 25, Alabama #2
Big 10 - 3 in Top 25, Penn State #6
Mountain West - 2 in Top 25, BYU #8
Pac 10 - 2 in Top 25, USC #9
Big East - 2 in Top 25, South Florida #10
WAC - 2 in Top 25, Boise State #17
ACC - 2 in Top 25, Virginia Tech #20

Look at that list...

The MWC and the WAC have as many as the Pac-10, Big East, and the ACC??!? The Mountain West is 5-0 against the Pac-10 this year. Boise State and Fresno State are way better than their ranking implies. The Big 12 and the SEC account for almost HALF of the Top 25, and that scares me. Look at how stacked those two conferences are, they're gonna beat up on each other and look what we'll be subjected to again on January 8th.

USC vs. Ohio State...

Yep, it could possibly happen. Does anyone really think Alabama's gonna go undefeated? Or even 1-loss? After watching Georgia playing against South Carolina, Arizona State, and now Alabama, they seem somewhat lethargic, which makes me question how good they really are. Something's missing at Georgia. If LSU's QB Jarrett Lee continues to progress, aren't they better than Alabama? Yet, they'll probably lose to Florida. How good is Auburn? Is Ole Miss really that good? Vanderbilt and Kentucky are both undefeated, I dunno.

Then we get the Big 12. People, let me tell you something, you better hope Oklahoma continues to roll this season, or you're gonna get a 2-loss football team on January 8th. Missouri, Texas, and Texas Tech are all really, really good, yet they all have a major flaw, defense. Kansas is pretty good, Colorado is nice, and Oklahoma State (Go Pokes @ Suga Hil) is undefeated and going to be really sneaky this fall.

But I digress, I've come up with who will be in the National Championship. We will have 2 undefeated teams. Run through their schedules and will have the entire country behind them. East vs. West. Who are those two teams?

BYU vs. South Florida

Laugh now, then think about it.



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