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We The Free (WTF)

On every Wednesday I'll be giving updates on my flag football team, We The Free. If you are a fan of acronyms, then you'll love ours...WTF. Its a co-ed league, and this is our first time playing. Figured it was a good opportunity to stretch my legs, get some good people to hang out and have some fun, kick ass and take names, and have a reason to enjoy libations after a hard day's work. We've got 7-8 dudes, 4-5 ladies, we deep and on the creep baby. YESSIR!

Anyway, We The Free lost 46-26. We got destroyed...

Now, this was a game where we started off really slowly and we had no real organization. 2nd half we looked much better, used our speed and realized what we had personnel-wise moving forward. We've got some cute girls on the squad who are athletic, and we've got a lot of speed on the field. However...we have no defense whatsoever. Its like our safeties are all named Roy Williams. Realize this is flag football, yet one of our safeties nearly decapitated one of the receivers, even though its flag football. Do you ever remember the feeling when your momma popped you in the grocery store, and that silence and utter fear came over you? That's how the other team was after that hit. Seriously, the other team stopped going deep.

We're hitting one person per game, don't matter if its a dude, female, baby fetus, baby fawn, whatever or whoever, WE BUST HEADS!

We The Free (0-1) vs. Don't Hassel The Hoff (1-0), Tuesday at 8:30pm




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