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1st Half '08 MVP...Southeast Jerome! Wait...I Mean Clinton Portis!

Do you know how much Murray's I had to put in my head to do this? - Southeast Jerome

All jokes aside, Southeast Jerome...I mean Clinton Portis is doing his thing right now. The Washington Redskins are one-game behind the '07 Super Bowl Champion NY Giants with a 5-2 record. But lets look at some quick facts.

Clinton Portis is leading the league with 944 yards thru 8 games. He's on pace for 1888 rushing yards and 14 TDs, and he's really not getting a ton of love right now. WHY NOT? HE IS 260 YARDS ahead of the next current competitor, Adrian Peterson, and is in the toughest conference in the NFL, the Beasts of the NFC East.

What Clinton has done more than anything else is he's set the tone with the younger players on the team and assumed a more vocal role. Washington actually looks like they're out having fun, which is a first since I ever remember. I remember when Joe Gibbs used to coach, they didn't particularly seem to be ecstatic. Seems that new coach Jim Zorn has loosened them up a bit.

For pure fantasy purposes, Clinton Portis is the #1 RB in the fantasy nation. (Leading one of my teams to victory thus far!) And of course you know the many 'characteristics' of Clinton Portis. Pictured above is the now infamous, "Southeast Jerome." But have you heard of, "Coach Janky Spanky", "Bro Sweets", "Choo-Choo", "Sheriff Gonnagetcha", "Dr. Do-itch Big," "Dolemite Jenkins," and "Bud Foxx."

Damn that's a lot of characters!

With the improvement of QB Jason Campbell, the re-emerengce of the Redskins wide-receiver corps have done well, and a solid ball-swarming defense. But they do nothing without #26 back there toting the rock. He catches the rock out the backfield, is an exceptional blocker, wait...catch this one...Reggie Bush, this is for you...HE RUNS IN BETWEEN THE TACKLES!!!!! Sorry, had to get that one off my chest. Simple and plain, he's a complete back, great speed w/power. Vision, and a knack for making big plays. He's your first half MVP by the numbers and the leadership. But am I wrong?

Let me know who you think should be the 1st Half MVP this season here on Ed The Sports Fan. Easy.



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