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There are now 2 people named Roy Williams in Dallas

I don't understand how they do it. I really don't. Literally moments after O Holy Ruler Roger Goddell came down with the fury from his pimp hand on Adam "Pacman" Jones, by suspending him for the season...Dallas owner Jerry Jones goes and pulls the double-whammy on us.

From ESPN's Ed Werder - The Dallas Cowboys are close to a deal to acquire wide receiver Roy Williams from the Detroit Lions, a source told ESPN.com Tuesday.

From Adam Schefter of NFL.com - The Lions have traded WR Roy Williams to the Cowboys for a first, third and sixth round pick.

HOW IN GOD'S NAME DOES THIS HAPPEN??? I don't understand...look, I'm not a fan of the Dallas Cowboys, period. However, I feel like these dudes got the all-star team of all-star teams in Dallas. You're not supposed to have Terrell Owens and Roy Williams, with Jason Witten and Marion Barber??? WTF.

Now, I know with the recent events of the slew of injuries that Dallas has went thru, maybe this is a 'save the season' move. It could be a savvy one. Look at the losses this team has taken in the last 48 hours.

- QB Tony Romo, out 4 weeks w/sprained finger
- RB Felix Jones, out 4-6 weeks w/partially torn hamstring
- WR Sam Hurd, out for season w/leg injury
- P Matt McBriar, out for season w/leg injury
- DB Adam Jones, out for season w/utter stupidity (among other things)

So, maybe they had to do the deal. But damn, can anyone else just make a big move BESIDES Dallas? Should be an interesting 2nd half for Dallas when Romo comes back, if Bradley Johnson aka the 40-year old QB can keep the ship in line. We'll see...



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