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Is Jason Campbell the Next Doug Williams?

Okay, lets avoid the obvious comparison of Jason Campbell being a black QB for the Redskins and wearing #17.

Dude is cool under pressure, utterly ridiculous. The way he's played in his last two games has been remarkable for the 3rd year QB out of Auburn. Campbell led the Redskins offense with a savvy gameplan from rookie head coach Jim Zorn to rattle off 23 unanswered points as they defeated the Philadelphia Eagles 23-17 in a tough NFC East matchup on the road.

from ESPN's Matt Mosley Campbell didn't put up great numbers (16-of-29 for 176 yards), but he made two clutch plays on the Redskins' final drive. As the official driver of the Campbell bandwagon (seats no longer available), I thought his pass to Antwaan Randle El with 5:50 left was one of the best of his career. Campbell stepped away from pressure while still looking downfield and then calmly delivered the ball to Randle El for a key third-down conversion. Three plays later, he raced for 15 yards on third-and-9 to extend the drive.

With the next three games against St. Louis, Cleveland, and Detroit, Washington's primed to be 7-1 going into a nice matchup against the AFC North leading Pittsburgh Steelers. With that said, if you watched Dallas yesterday, they mailed it in. They played a horrible Cincinnati team and the Bengals should've won, except they have some really inept players their squad. If Reggie Kelly didn't have stone hands on the first play of the game, and Chris Perry carried the football like he carries his weed then the Bengals have their first win of the season. Dallas looks shaky, and that's hard to say for a team that's 4-1. It'll be interesting to see when the Giants step to the Dallas and see how Romo and the boys handle a big game. By the way, is it me or does Romo makes a hella bogus throw at least once a game? Like at this point I'm not even surprised that this happens. Don't you have to be concerned about this if you're a Cowboys fan? I mean, I DOG ON THE COWBOYS, but as many accolades as they receive, they still haven't won a playoff game with Romo at QB. I dunno.

Campbell hasn't thrown an interception since December 2nd of 2007. If he keeps it up, It might be another black QB wearing #17 in Tampa, Florida in January 2009.

**NOTE - Please be aware that on Wednesday I will be devoting 72 hours of Red River Shootout Coverage. You know where I'm from (Oklahoma) and you know how I feel about the Sooners. Texas is starting to look really good, and I'm sure I'll have some sh*t talking from you Longhorn fans. Gotta love it. Get ready, 5 days and counting to OU-Texas...



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