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Leave T.O. Alone, But T.O. STFU...

For the past 3-4 days, all I've heard is the pundits of sport pound and pound about T.O. complaining that he didn't get enough opportunities to help his team win. People are pointing to this issue that this is going to be the demise of America's Team. This is going to create a rift between Romo and Owens. Jerry Jones needs to reconsider his options and trade Owens...


Let me be clear about this...Owens was criticized in some circles for his post-game comments, with some pointing out he had seven catches for 71 yards and 11 yards rushing on a pair of reverses in a total of 20 plays in which he was the target. For Owens, here received almost a third of the total targets that was distributed by the Cowboys (61). On his radio show, he pointed out that not all of those passes were catchable.

"All I have said is I need more opportunities to help this team win. ... It's me being confident in who I am. It's not going to be the last time you hear me say I need the ball." - Terrell Owens

Owens is salty that they lost to a division rival, but he's also probably not the best in acknowledging his opponent on the other side. In the last 2 weeks, T.O.'s been locked up by arguably the greatest Heisman winner ever in Charles Woodson (2 catches, 17 yards) and probably the fastest 33 year old alive in Shawn Springs (7 catches, 71 yards).

Tell you the truth, none of that game was T.O.'s fault. If anything Owens is helping the Cowboys take the focus off of what the real issue is, WTF was Offensive Coordinator wunderkind Jason Garrett doing??? Marion Barber had 8 carries? Felix Jones had ZERO carries? Yet T.O. had two? What kind of sense does that make? You've got one of the biggest O-Lines out there, and arguably the 2nd best backfield duo in the league (props to Freddy & MJD in JAX) so why not pound the rock like you did in the last three wins? Lets take a look...

Marion Barber
3 Wins: 20.6 carries/game, 95 yards/game, 1.3 TDs/game
vs. Redskins: 8 carries, 26 yards, 0 TDs

Dallas is the best team in the NFL (and I HATE THE COWBOYS) but they are also the most prone to self-explode and lose the game. Colin Cowherd from ESPN Radio made a great point about the comparison of Tony Romo and Eli Manning. Talent-wise, Tony Romo is superior to Eli Manning, which is crazy to think about considering where they've came from and their lineage (or lack of). Tony Romo has a stronger arm and is more accurate than Manning. Yet look at the support systems, Eli Manning has his big brother Peyton, his dad Archie, a stern but fair coach in Tom Coughlin. Even with Plaxico as a concern, they have veteran receiver Amani Toomer who is the voice of that unit. Look at Romo, mercurial owner Jerry Jones, loosey-goosey coach Wade Phillips, flamboyant T.O. who IS the voice of that WR unit. The Cowboys are young, and Romo's not the most vocal. I think it speaks volumes to crunch time situations, team chemistry, and overall performance. In the race for superbowls in the 21st century, its Giants 1, Cowboys 0.

Be on the lookout for our 1st Quarter wrap-up on the NFL season by Kenny Masenda tomorrow.

Oh, and We The Free had a resounding flag football victory over Team "That's What She Said" as we dominated to the score of 27-6. Ed personally had 3 catches, 1 TD, 1 INT in the win. Props to our QB Doc Archer making big plays and our offensive/defensive coordinator
Mr. Swagger kept the unit organized and efficient. We are now 1-1.



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