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The NFL Season = 25% Complete

Well, ¼ of the NFL season has come to a close. There have been some of the usual suspects doing their thing, as well as the fall from grace of others. In my brief recap, I’ll highlight certain ones, and it’ll be done in the way we do things at Ed The Sports Fan: raw, to the point, funny, controversial, but always right….well, according to us.

The biggest surprise (to me anyways) is the Buffalo Bills, at 4-0. Admittedly, I don’t care much for the AFC East, and what it entails, due to the Patriots dominating the division for the past several years, but after the injury to The Great Tom Brady, the division is wide-open. Folks were tempted to pencil in the Jets, due to Brett Favre, but the Bills have been handling business, and, at least from initial glance, are playing the best ball since their early-90’s days. Now, by NO MEANS, am I saying there are Super Bowls in the immediate future, but they do have the ingredients to continue to improve, and possibly win this division. They have officially forced me to take them seriously.

Another team who is undefeated, and legitimately scares the crap out of me, is the Tennessee Titans who are also 4-0. This team has damn near everything you need to be a serious contender; strong defense, good running game, and a quarterback (or QBs, because I still believe in Vince Young) who will manage a game. Plus, they have a damn good head coach that can keep their butts in line, and yes, you need that in order to win. Also getting props from me are Jay Cutler, 18 Catches Marshall, Larry Johnson (who despite playing on one of the biggest train wrecks in football, is third in rushing), and to Favre, who is leading the league in passing touchdowns.

On the NFC, you’ve got the usual suspects doing well (Giants and Cowboys), teams keeping steady (New Orleans, Green Bay, Philly), but then you’ve got teams like Carolina at 3-1, who are a surprise, considering the fact that they were without Steve Smith for their first two, and Atlanta at 2-2 with a rookie QB, new coach, new running game, and a decent defense. Cats who get props from me in the NFC include Greg Jennings, Michael “Tha Burner” Turner, Jason Witten, Drew Brees, and The Arizona Connection (Boldin and Fitzgerald).

For my fall from grace section this week, I’ll feature a couple of players; one of whom is one of my favorite in the league, but for whatever reason, hasn’t been worth a damn so far. Numero uno is my Cincinnati homie, Chad Johnson (yes, I’m aware he changed his last name), but until his performance improves, I will not refer to him as Ocho Cinco. He will simply be Chad Johnson. I don’t know where to start with the Bengals. I mean, they’re HORRIBLE, but still. I know some of it has to do with another one of the homies, Carson Palmer, playing like crap, but still. Chad has to get involved, or they just may end up taking the title from the Rams of being the worst team in football…which brings me to another cat who’s on my fall from grace list: Steven Jackson. He got his money, and he’s stunk it up so far. I’m ALL FOR football players who do what they have to do to get their paper, but now, you’ve got it, so play like it, my brotha. 3.6 per carry aint gonna get it; 10th in the CONFERENCE in rushing yards aint gonna get it either.

Be easy.


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