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OK Born/Lone Star Bred...I’ll hate UT til the Day I’m Dead

Two days…two days until the LIVEST rivalry in college football continues. For some people, they base their entire season around this game. Over the years, we have seen blowouts, shootouts, defensive struggles, and much more. We’ve seen people shine (Derrick Strait, Adrian “All Day” Peterson, Andre Woolfolk, and The Legendary De’Mond Parker). Texas has had some killers over the years as well (VY immediately comes to mind, along with Ricky Williams, Quentin Jammer, and Dallas-born, Hodges Mitchell). However, this is about more than that.

I’m one of the many people who reside in the great state of Texas, yet DESPISE the Texas Longhorns (hence, the title of the post). I was born in OK (Shawnee, OK to be exact), and the love for the Sooners has continued, even though I have lived in Texas for the majority of my life. Part of it stems from the fact that UT fans are SO DAMN ARROGANT, and to this day, at 26 years old, I still have no clue why. Anyway, I was at the massacre in 2000, when The Sooner Legend Quentin Griffin ran for six TDs, and we went on to win 63-14. I also attended the game in 2002, when we won 35-24. At the time, we were both in the top-five. As a matter of fact, when both teams have been ranked in the top-five this decade, Oklahoma has won each time (2001-02, 2004). Guess what???? Both teams are ranked in the top-five again, so we all know what time it is.

This game truly takes on a life of its own. Some of my best friends are UT fans, but when this game comes up, we become bitter enemies. It’s just the way it is down here. This week will be no different, and even though Texas has been doin’ their thing this year, they will still go down in defeat. The ghosts of Barry Switzer, Josh Heupel, Kejuan Jones, Torrance Marshall, Teddy Lehman, and other Sooner greats will re-emerge on The Cotton Bowl, and that’ll be all she wrote.

Be easy.


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