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Our 100th Post!! GET AT ME!!

This is our 100th post here at Ed The Sports Fan and let me tell you, I never knew what I was getting myself into when I decided to create this virtual Internet space back in February of '08. I look at it like this, 100 down, 1000's to go!

Just in case you've wondered, here are the most popular posts here at Ed The Sports Fan thus far...

Quick Thoughts For Thursday...

Get to know Jimmy Rollins and Ryan Howard for the Philadelphia Phillies...Same thing goes for B.J. Upton and Carl Crawford for the Tampa Bay Rays...I wonder how it feels if you're Tony Gonzalez since he didn't get traded to step back in that locker room...Pacman Jones is going to rehab, oh boy...Bob Knight is considering coming back into coaching, do us a favor and set yourself on fire and see if you wanna come coach again after that...If you're into fantasy basketball, who do you take first? Chris Paul or LeBron James...Mesa State Offensive Lineman Trevor Wirke cut his pinkie off instead of having surgery to end his season, that boy is nuts but I ain't mad at him...Chad "Ocho Cinco" Johnson and T.J. "Who's Your Mama" Houshmandzadeh both suggested that it might be better for Bengals QB Carson Palmer to shut it down for the season and get healthy, which leads be to believe that Cincinnati will finish 0-for the season this year...

HAPPY 100! Share your thoughts, memories, and other randomness in the comments section, thanks!


Also, I'm thinking of putting a contest together. Be on the lookout for that, might be a nice giveaway for some lucky reader.


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