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Raindrops keep falling on my head - Game Five postponed...

Well, this discussion should be interesting: Did MLB commish Bud Selig further taint his stained legacy by suspending the first World Series game in baseball history?

One vote for yes (along with the laughable news that the World Series starts next year on October 27). Another vote for yes. And a vote for no! Here’s what everyone can agree on: “Baseball is unsalvageable.”

Tough for us to drill Bud on the call - his rumpled press conference appearance, though, is fair game - especially when he knows that another night of baseball is good for the few fans who are paying attention, and of course, the sport’s pockets. (After peeking at doppler though, that night could actually be Wednesday, which might be a good thing on the ratings’ front, since the NBA season begins).

Hate to get into what-if scenarios, but … what if the Rays hadn’t scored? What if the Rays took the lead? Basically, Selig got lucky. BJ Upton saved the game, the series, and probably millions for FOX and MLB with a steal of second, and then hustle to beat the throw home on Carlos Pena’s single.) The losers in this are clearly the Phillies.

The city was buzzing with the anticipation of celebrating its first major championship in 25 years … and it is ruined by rain. The Phillies have their best pitcher in the series-clincher … and now it seems unlikely we’ll see him again, unless maybe he’s forced into Game Seven action on three days’ rest, assuming rain prevents the teams from playing tonight. Some folks try to say momentum doesn’t apply to baseball, but try telling that to the Phillies’ bats, which found a groove late Saturday and didn’t stop until the rain began last night.

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