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Roy "Superman Dat Hoe" Williams

Let me set the scene...

Oklahoma 7, Texas 3.

Texas had 97 yards to go for the winning score after current Chicago Bears DB Nathan Vasher inexplicably fair catched the ball at the 3 yard line. Chris Simms was having a tough day, he threw 2 interceptions up to this point, but had grown confidence in making plays here and there. With just under 2 minutes remaining, this is what legends are made of. However, Roy Williams dashed those hopes and became a legend on his own after a play that had to be seen to be believed.

Williams leaped over a UT blocking back and hit Chris Simms' throwing arm before he was able to throw the ball. The deflected pass went directly into the arms of Teddy Lehman and the sophomore linebacker dashed in for the game-clinching score.

What's ridiculous about this play is that Coach Bob Stoops FORBID Roy from doing this type of thing in practice. Didn't even want him to do it. Also, the play happened so fast that the crowd didn't know what happened for like 3 seconds. Until they realized Lehman had the ball did folks start to celebrate. People sleep on Roy, he finished 4th in the Heisman race. He's a SAFETY people!!! That's how raw Roy was in college.

Final Score: Oklahoma 14, Texas 3.

By far the biggest play, moment, and surprise in my life as an Oklahoma Sooner fan. I remember back at school at Langston University and Longhorn fans were demoralized. It was crazy, because I remember cussing VERY LOUDLY at the screen because of how lousy Oklahoma was playing. Couldn't run the ball, passing game was atrocious, but the Oklahoma defense was in rare form. Seriously, there was a point from about 2001-2004 where no one really wanted to go up against Oklahoma's defense. They played like the Bears and Eagles play now. Blitz 7-8, hope for the best on you running the play.

Roy Williams "superman" play will go down in books as one of the best ever. Maybe we'll see something similar this Saturday. Oh boy.



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