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Tampa Bay All The Way...

Remember when I said this last week?

Get to know Jimmy Rollins and Ryan Howard for the Philadelphia Phillies...Same thing goes for B.J. Upton and Carl Crawford for the Tampa Bay Rays...

Or my article earlier this month?
Ed Goes Dumb on the Tampa Bay Rays...

Don't say I didn't warn you folks...

Tampa Bay vs. Philadelphia in the 2008 World Series, in high definition.

Now my initial prediction was actually Tampa Bay Rays vs. Los Angeles Dodgers in the final, but my main man Manny Ramirez couldn't do it all by himself. So I'm gonna suggest that you get familiar. For example, did you know my main man Tampa Bay Center Fielder BJ Upton's nickname is "Bossman Junior"? That's so ill that I might name my son that. Ok maybe not, but its still raw. Here's the rest of the weekend in sports.

Bernard Hopkins def. Kelly Pavlik

In the end, nothing was as it seemed, as 43-year old Bernard Hopkins once again defied father time, as the former middleweight king dominated the current one, Kelly Pavlik, in a 170-pound catchweight bout Saturday night at the Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City, N.J.

Pavlik looked downtrodden after most figured he would outwork the cagey Hopkins. However, Hopkins looked quicker, and had a better strategy on how to work the longer Pavlik. By the 12th round, Pavlik looked defeated and damn near about to cry.

Boxing gods, please give us what we want. BERNARD HOPKINS vs. ROY JONES JR. in 2009! PLEASE??!!?!?!?!?!?

St. Louis Rams 34, Dallas Cowboys 14

Look I know its a lot of Cowboys fans that happen to read this "editorial blogzine" so I'm going to do something a little different besides rub it in ya faces.

Start looking for a new head coach. All of the best football coaches have been coaches that ARE NOT PLAYER'S COACHES. Trust that the team you have assembled is living off of the vapors that Bill Parcells built 2 years ago. While I'm here, SAN DIEGO CHARGERS? START LOOKING FOR A NEW HEAD COACH! Your best team was 3 years ago when LT was mad at the Patriots when they did the Merriman celebration. LT was talking shit! Now look at the Chargers, they went and got new jerseys, a "players coach" in Norv Turner, and they are really struggling.

This is just fact, as ESPN's Colin Cowherd would say, think of it like this. If you had to choose who you would want to work for who would it be? Bill Parcells or Wade Phillips? Of course Wade Phillips because he's laid back and lets you do your own thing. But that doesn't win championships. Parcells brought a Cowboys team that was 5-11 each of its 3 previous seasons under Campo and filtered out bad players, played 4 quarterbacks before finding and breaking in Tony Romo, and had that team ready to play each and every week. Players were prepared and ready, but guess what? He was a hard-ass. You a grown man and another grown man is talking to you crazy and berating you on national television, you ain't gonna like that one bit.

But you were ready to play. Right now, Dallas and San Diego, you aren't ready to play. Lets look at the tale of the tape of Schottenheimer and Parcells vs. Norv Turner and Wade Phillips.

Schottenheimer (200-126) and Parcells (172-130) - 372 Wins, 256 Losses (59.2 win %)
Turner (72-91) and Phillips (65-45) - 137 Wins, 136 Losses (50.1 win %)

And realize that Schottenheimer and Parcells were taking over losing organizations, and Turner and Phillips have taken over winning organizations. Cowboys and Chargers fans, do yourself a favor and go hire Bill Cowher before he dies from too many analysts on an NFL morning show.

The BCS Rankings and College Football

Folks, I'm gonna just get this out the way now. Texas is looking mighty tough. They look really good, there's no way in hell you're supposed to be beating Missouri 35-3 in the first half. That's just ridiculous. I hate to say this too but...Ohio State is looking really good once again, but they aren't the best team in the Big 10+1, that honor would go to Penn State, who after posting a lethargic first half against Michigan, took them to the woodshed and wore them out. I wouldn't mind seeing Texas vs. Penn State if Oklahoma couldn't find a way to crash the party. But I'm gonna be honest. The Big 12 has no defense, not for real. If Texas puts up 45+ again on Oklahoma State (go Pokes!) then the Big 12 should be renamed the Big Swiss Cheese, too many holes in the defenses. Good God!

Oh and if you didn't know, the NBA and College Basketball is around the corner, stay tuned and let us know what you thought of this weekend's action. Get at me! Easy.



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