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This Is More Than A Game...

It is now Friday, we're one day away from OU-Texas. This week has been a crazy but good one, people instantly becoming Texas Longhorns fans just because they know that I'm from Oklahoma and to get under my skin, they go the other way. Cool, I get it.

But understand this. Its a big deal. Truth be told, Texas scares the crap out of me. They have 5-star talent across the board, and Mack Brown is a great coach. Realize that The Mack was at North Carolina winning 10 games a season regularly. So, I think he has an idea of what he's doing. Its funny though to hear some of the commentary about the Sooners. Small Game Stoops. You how you get the name "Small Game" Stoops. By getting to the big games. Yeah, OU's run into some bad luck. But what's the difference between them and USC, Ohio State? USC's been losing to STANFORD and OREGON STATE over the last 3 years, yet they don't lose at the big game so they get a pass? Ohio State? Well...they're not getting a pass at all, they're getting it worse than the Sooners, so I feel bad for them too.

Look, we played Boise State who was a great team, with a WR Paul Thompson who was now our #1 QB, Adrian Peterson was not 100%, and we lost our #1 WR in Malcolm Kelly in the 1st quarter. But no one mentions that. We lost to West Virginia when Rich Rodriguez was there, that's not easy to stop and Oklahoma saw nothing like it in the Big 12. Not making excuses, but on any given day you can take that L.

Trust that this game has national championship implications, but its more than that. Truth be told, I like kicking it in Texas. Cute women, great food, and lots of opportunity in the Lone Star State. But they can't play college football better than us. As a matter of fact, Missouri can't either. Don't say Ed didn't warn you.

Oklahoma State 45, Missouri 42

Oklahoma 24, Texas 14



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