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The 2009 BCS Title Game...Texas vs. OU

**This article is provided by featured writer Kenny Masenda**

When the latest BCS standings came out, I was happier than a kid at Christmas. Granted, some things will have to happen for my dream matchup to take place, but I’ve seen weirder, stranger things happen in college football, so I won’t put this past the realm of possibility. With this said, these things need to happen:

1. Texas must CRUSH Texas A&M this week. Even though I hate UT, I’ve never accused Mack Brown of being a poor sport, or ever running up the score on an opponent. However, his team needs to make a statement. Not only must they defeat A&M, they must EMBARRASS them.

2. Florida State needs to beat Florida. I don’t know the last time this happened, but I need the Seminoles, MORE THAN EVER, to shock the world, and knock off the Gators. It helps it will be a home game for them, and if they can do it, that should effectively knock Florida out of contention for the national championship.

3. Oklahoma must beat Oklahoma State. Admittedly, this game concerns me way more than the Tech one. I just knew that Tech couldn’t carry their mojo into Norman, but this is way different. I can’t see Mike “I’m a man! I’m 40!” Gundy allowing his team to not be prepared for the Sooners this weekend. Even as a die-hard OU fan, this game has me worried, but if we play with a chip on our shoulder like we did last weekend, we should be straight.

4. OU needs to go to the Big XII Championship. With Texas at #2, I think, at worst, they’ll stay right there. OU is #3, and even if they win on Saturday, it won’t be enough to justify them jumping Texas, so OU needs to go to Kansas City, beat Missouri, and then they MIGHT have a chance.

5. Florida needs to beat Alabama. The Crimson Tide are the biggest factor in this entire thing, because they are the lone undefeated team (Utah is as well, but be for real: they aren’t jumping any of the teams we’re talking about). Florida beats Alabama, knocks ‘em out of it, and since Florida would be out, due to their previous loss against Florida State, it allows the #2 and #3 teams to slide up, which would be…

6. Texas and Oklahoma. We don’t need a playoff; we just need this scenario to work, and BAM! The National Title game will be set.

Be easy.


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