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Oh What A Weekend...

Wreck 'em Texas Tech - Texas Tech 39, Texas 33

Tremendous finish. It’ll be debated, but we think Texas Tech let Texas score with 1:30 left just to get the ball back with plenty of time for Harrell to operate. In addition to the all-night party in Lubbock, we’re sure Gainesville will be rockin’. Your next game of the century: Alabama at LSU in Baton Rouge next week. If the Tide survive, the SEC title game vs. Florida will be for a date with Penn State. No, we didn’t forget about Texas Tech - it still has to face the Oklahomas.

“They tried to man-up Crab, and there’s not a man in the country who can man-up Crab.”

Great quote from QB Graham Harrell about WR Michael Crabtree, about the game-winning play from the guy who just threw for 474 yards. But what happens to the Big 12 South? Which by the way is the greatest sub-division in college football history. The top 4 teams all have the dreaded one-loss, Texas Tech, Oklahoma, and Oklahoma State all have to go against each other in the next three weeks. Should be interesting to see what goes down in the next 5 weeks.

WTF is a 'Bollinger'? - Giants 35, Cowboys 14

This is not to re-tread on Dallas, but I'm gonna let all of you know right now.

Romo is not the issue here.

That offensive line, that defense, that coaching staff is your issue. Let me be clear, the NY (football) Giants did not play their "A" Game, and the game was not competitive. At this point, Ed The Sports Fan is predicting that Bill Parcells' Miami Dolphins will have a better record than the Dallas Cowboys.


Just wanted to make sure you heard me. Again, its not Romo that's causing the team to lose. There is not a leader on the field offensively and defensively. The head coach is over his head and know he could be replaced by the offensive coordinator at a moments notice. Terrell Owens is your most vocal leader. Enough said.

Halloween was Great, Jacksonville made me look bad, Obama killed it in Cincinnati

Just wanted everyone to know, I was a Gynecologist for Halloween. Yep, named Dr. Seymour Bush. To my left was Kim Kardashian, what was below this photo was a real problem. Oh boy.

Went to the Jaguars-Bengals game here in Cincinnati, thought I'd go support my favorite football team. Look how they treat me! Cincinnati 21, Jacksonville 19. WTF...

Barack Obama came to Cincinnati and gave a hour-plus speech at UC's Nippert Stadium and it was good times all around. Ed The Sports Fan endorses the Senator from Chicago, Mr. Barack Obama. As if you didn't know. Enjoy your Monday, should be an interesting 48 hours...

GO VOTE! Easy.



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